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Name College(s)
Dr Alexander A. Vadilyev College of Business& Economics
Dr Andrew Valentine College of Science
Mr Matthew Valetich College of Science
Associate Professor Krisztina Valter-Kocsi College of Health & Medicine
Ms Linda Van Bommel none
Associate Professor Pierre van der Eng College of Business& Economics
Professor Jeroen van der Heijden none
Professor Albert Van Dijk College of Science
Dr Giel van Dooren College of Science
Dr Pia van Gelder PhD College Arts & Social Sciences
Associate Professor Frank Van Haren College of Health & Medicine
Associate Professor Lorrae Van Kerkhoff College of Science
Dr Joshua Van Kleef College of Health & Medicine
Dr Lex Maxim van Loon College of Health & Medicine
Mr Lennart van Maldegem College of Science
Dr Peter Van Ness College of Asia & the Pacific
Dr Dirk Van Rooy College Arts & Social Sciences
College of Health & Medicine
Professor Chris Van Weel none
Associate Professor Michael Vardon College of Science
Professor Sotiris Vardoulakis College of Health & Medicine
Professor Mathai Varghese none
Professor Peter Vassiliou College of Science
Dr Susana Vaz da Silva de Castro Nery none
Professor Grady Venville none
Associate Professor Naresh Verma College of Science
Professor Jean-Christophe Verstraete none
Dr John Noel Viana College of Science
Dr Kerri Viney College of Health & Medicine
Dr Alexandra Victoria Vlachos none
Dr Igor Vladimirov College of Engineering & Computer Science

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