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Name College(s)
Dr Toni Eagar College of Business& Economics
Dr Caroline Eakin College of Science
Dr Alexander Eapen College of Business& Economics
EmPr Simon Easteal College of Health & Medicine
EmPr Christopher Easton College of Science
Dr Michael Eburn ANU College of Law
Mr Bhiamie Eckford-Williamson College Arts & Social Sciences
Dr Barbara Edgar none
Dr Anna Edmundson College Arts & Social Sciences
AsPr Benjamin Edwards College Arts & Social Sciences
Dr Daniel Edwards College of Science
AsPr Mark Edwards College of Health & Medicine
Prof Peter Edwards none
Dr Ryan Edwards College of Asia & the Pacific
Prof Stephen Eggins College of Science
Dr Suzanne Eggins College Arts & Social Sciences
EmPr Richard Anthony (Tony) Eggleton College of Science
Dr Johannes Eichholz College of Science
Dr Marwan El Hassan College of Science
Ms Sondoss El Sawah College of Science
Dr Damien Eldridge College of Business& Economics
Prof John Elix College of Science
Dr Theodore Ell none
Prof Robert Elliman College of Science
Prof Lorraine Elliott College of Asia & the Pacific
Prof David Ellis College of Science
Ms Elizabeth Ellis College Arts & Social Sciences
AsPr Mark Ellison College of Science
Prof Michael Ellwood College of Science
Dr Julia Ellyard College of Health & Medicine

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