Dr Kara Youngentob

Research Fellow
College of Science
T: 0477761298

Areas of expertise

  • Landscape Ecology 050104
  • Natural Resource Management 050209
  • Wildlife And Habitat Management 050211
  • Conservation And Biodiversity 050202
  • Ecological Impacts Of Climate Change 050101
  • Environmental Education And Extension 050203

Research interests

My main interests are in applied ecological research to inform and improve wildlife management and conservation decisions. I'm also a big fan of science communication. 


I completed a PhD in Environment from the Australian National University in 2010 and a MSc in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation from the University of Florida in 2004. 

Researcher's projects

My current projects involve: 1) understanding and mitigating the drivers of decline in threatened species populations, 2) determining how plant nutritional qualities and other environmental factors influence the distribution and abundance of folivorous animals, and 3) remote sensing ecosystem and wildlife population responses to landscape change. My past research has explored habitat fragmentation and edge effects on wildlife populations, contributed to the development of the Centre for Land and Water Research at the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS), and focused on understanding how suburban landscapes influence people's sense of community, resource consumption, and knowledge about the natural environment. 

Available student projects

·  Restoring the nutritional landscape for greater gliders
·  Determining the factors that influence habitat nutritional quality for folivores
·  Ecology and physiology of plant-animal interactions  
·  Remote sensing ecosystem and wildlife population responses to landscape       
Remote sensing ecosystem and wildlife population response to landscape change
·         Drivers of forage quality and landscape productivity
·         Ecology and physiology of plant-animal interactions (current projects involving koalas, greater gliders and eucalypts)

Current student projects

Jenna Ridley, PhD student. Project: Refuge requirements and recommendations for post-fire management of greater gliders (Petauroides volans) in Victoria

Murraya Lane, PhD student. Project: The effects of fire on eucalypt browse quality and landscape use by the koala (Phascolarctos cinereus)

Ivan Kotzur, PhD student. Project: Understanding and mapping how thermal and dietary constraints combine to restrict koala habitat and determine refugia

Richard Turner, PhD student. Project: The eco-evolutionary processes that affect survival in a wild-population of superb fairy-wren (Malurus cyaneus)

Shukhrat Shokirov, PhD student. Project: Measuring ecosystem and wildlife population response to landscape change with remote sensing

Denise McGregor, PhD student. Project: Greater glider ecology and physiology at the extremes of their distribution.





Past student projects

Jessie Au, PhD student. Project: Charting forage quality for koala conservation

Laura Morgan, Honours student. Project: The application of NIRS to investigate koala physiological characteristics from scat

Sarah Martin, Honours student. Project: Please pass the salt: Investigating the availability and importance of sodium in the diet of marsupial folivores

Rachel Alexander, Honours student (University of Queensland). Project: Temporal and ecological drivers of eucalypt forage quality

Mahalia Kingsley, Summer Scholar. Project: Using nutritional quality of trees to assess koala habitat suitability



Projects and Grants

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