Professor Zongyou Yin

ANU College of Science
T: +61 2 61256672

Research interests

Solar Fuels




Machine Learning




Zongyou Yin received his B.S. & M.S. degrees from Jilin University, China, and then the Ph.D. degree from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. Since then, he has worked as the Research Fellow at NTU, the Scientist II at IMRE, A*STAR, Singapore, the Postdoctoral Associate and then promoted to the Research Scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, working with Professor Ju Li and Professor Jesus A del Alamo). During 2014 - 2015, Dr Yin also visited and worked with Professor Daniel G. Nocera for one year at Harvard University. In 2017, he joined the Australian National University as the Senior Lectuer, and promoted to the Professor in Jan. 2024. 

He is the recipient of some awards/honours, including Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC) (2024); the Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellowship (Level 3, 2023); World Highly Cited Researchers (2023); Elsevier/Stanford's Global Top 2% Most Highly Cited Scientists (2023); the International Hydrogen Research Fellowship awarded by Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water, Australia (2023); World Highly Cited Researchers (2022); Elsevier/Stanford's Global Top 2% Most Highly Cited Scientists (2022); World Highly Cited Researchers (2021); Elsevier/Stanford's Global Top 2% Most Highly Cited Scientists (2021); World Highly Cited Researchers (2020); Elsevier/Stanford's Global Top 2% Most Highly Cited Scientists (2020); the Vebleo Energy Innovation Awardee, Vebleo International Conference (2020); World Highly Cited Researchers (2019); Elsevier/Stanford's Global Top 2% Most Highly Cited Scientists (2019); Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Early Career Academics (2019); Fellow for the international <Make Our Planet Great Again> program from France (2018); World Highly Cited Researchers (2018); ANU Futures Scheme Fellowship (2017); World Highly Cited Researchers (2017); World Highly Cited Researchers (2016); MIT Kaufman Teaching Certificate (2015); World Highly Cited Researchers (2015); Awardee of Proof-of-Concept Grant from National Research Foundation, Singapore (2011); Singapore International Graduate Scholarship for PhD study; Excellent Undergraduate Scholarship (3 times) and Excellent Leader of Student Union (1 time) of Jilin University, China. He has been serving as a reviewer for some journals, including Chem RevChem Soc RevNat Energy, Nat Catalysis, Joule, Sci Adv, Nat Commun, Adv Mater, JACS, Angew Chem, Matter, etc.

Zongyou’s research is interdisciplinary, encompassing AI-driven materials innovations, materials-structures-devices relationships, and their applications for energy, environment and biomedicine.

Researcher's projects

My group is interested in synthesis&understanding of nano-to-atomic materials-to-structures, applications development for sustainable functional devices, and rational advancement of multi-functionalities integrated systems. 

1). Design and synthesis of function-orientated two/mixed-dimensional nano-to-atomic materials-to-structures with manipulating their layer components, frameworks, crystal phases, exposure facets, local modifications, Plasmons enhancement, ferroelectric domains, constructive defects, and/or external strain/field, etc.

2). Understanding of the correlation between above structures, behavior patterns (e.g. photon absorption&conversion, charge transport&diffusion, ion diffusion, radical reactivity, Plasmon/exciton/polariton dynamics, electro/photo-catalysis etc.) and functional performance.

3). Local surface activity identification by real-time visualisable high spatial/temporal resolution techniques (microscopy/spectroscopies).

4). Rational development from nano structures to functional devices for energy conversion&storage, body-wearable health prediction&diagnosis and (opto)electronics, with further integration towards advanced multi-functional systems.


Available student projects

New PhD/Honour projects available. 

We have projects for PhD and Honour students who are interested in doing research in the areas of nanomaterials science and applications.

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