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The Australian National University

Dr Zhengdao Ye

BA (ECNU), Grad.Dip, MA, PhD (ANU)
Lecturer (School of Literature, Languages and Linguistics)
ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences
T: 6125 2887

Areas of expertise

  • Linguistic Structures (Incl. Grammar, Phonology, Lexicon, Semantics) 200408
  • Lexicography 200407
  • Language In Culture And Society (Sociolinguistics) 200405
  • Multicultural, Intercultural And Cross Cultural Studies 200209
  • Translation And Interpretation Studies 200323
  • Discourse And Pragmatics 200403
  • Cognitive Sciences 1702
  • Chinese Languages 200311

Research interests

general linguistic issues pertaining to meaning, culture and human cognition and their implications for human communication, including the practice of translation; semantics; pragmatics; lexicology; translation and stylistics; translatability; intercultural communication and its education; the language of emotion; emotion and bilingualism; psychological anthropology; Chinese linguistics; Chinese literature; life writing.

Teaching interests: 

LING2008 & LING6008 Semantics 

LING2015 & LING6015 Language, Culture, Translation 

LING2017 & LING6017 Chinese Linguistics 

LANG3001 & LANG6001 Translation Across Languages: Literary Translation 

LANG3002 & LANG6002 Translation Across Languages: Specialised Materials 



Zhengdao Ye moved to Australia after receiving her BA in Chinese Linguistics and Literature from the East China Normal University. She completed a Grad.Dip in Applied Linguistics from the Australian National University in 1998, followed by an MA in Linguistics (2000) and a PhD in Linguistics (2007). She has taught linguistic courses at the University of New England, Monash University, and the Australian Linguistic Institute held at the Macquarie University. The courses she has taught in a number of institutions include Semantics, The Language of Emotions, Cross-Cultural Communication, Language, Culture and Translation, Translation Across Languages (Literary Texts & Specialised Materials), Second Language in Use, and Introduction to the Study of Language. Some of the highlights in her academic experiences include invited linguistic consultant at the Instituto Universitario Orientale (IUO) in Italy, invited lecturer on Lexicography and Cultural Semantics at the National School of Anthropology and History (ENAH) and National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) , invited speaker as ‘Distinct New Voice’ on Intercultural Communication at IATEFL conference in Aberdeen, and invited panellist on words and feelings at International Congress of Psychology in Berlin. She was the keynote speaker on Cross-Cultural Communication for the Pre-Departure Training for the Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development, and delivered a training session on culture and communication at the Australian and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) in Michael Wesley's Navigating Asia course.

Zhengdao Ye joined the ANU as a full-time lecturer in Linguistics and Translation Studies in 2014. She is the convenor of the Master of Translation Program, and a NAATI accredited translator.

Researcher's projects


The Semantics of Nouns (forthcoming, ed., Oxford University Press)

Current student projects

PhD theses 

A Cultural Dictionary of Australian English for Learners: Theory and Practice 

Greetings, partings and forms of address in English and Italian: An Ethnopragmatic  approach 

Coetzee's Multiple Voices in Vietnamese Translation 

Contemporary Chinese Science Fiction 

MA theses

George Orwell in Chinese Translation. 

"Happiness" and "Pain" in Javanese

On translating Ma Yuan. 

The semantics of 'uncle'-type kinship terms in two Sinitic languages 


Honours theses 

Chinese forms of address as a pragmatic resource



Past student projects

MA Theses

Translation and Exegesis: Speakability in Drama Translation: The Case of Ray Lawler's Summer of Seventeenth Doll into Chinese. (Yewei Wang, 2015)

Translation and Exegesis: Megan Marshall's Biography Margaret Fuller: A New American Life. (Qiling Lin, 2015)

How easy is it to translate 'Type 2 Diabetes for Dummies' into Arabic: Challenges and Solutions. (Naif Bogami, 2013)

An Inquiry into Happiness and Anger in Romanian. (Alina Harabor, 2011)

Honours Theses

The Semantics of Cantonese Particles laa1 and laa3. (Helen Leung, 2011)


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