Dr Changwei Xiong

Doctor of Science in Mathematics
Research Fellow in Mathematical Sciences Institute
College of Science
T: +61 2 6125 7701

Areas of expertise

  • Algebraic And Differential Geometry 010102

Research interests

  • Stability of capillary hypersurfaces in space forms
  • Alexandrov-Fenchel type inequalities
  • Minimal submanifolds with free boundary
  • Anisotropic mean curvature flow


[1] Haizhong Li, Yong Wei and Changwei Xiong, A geometric inequality on hypersurface in hyperbolic space, Advances in Mathematics, 2014, 253(1):152--162.
[2] Haizhong Li, Yong Wei and Changwei Xiong, The Gauss-Bonnet-Chern mass for graphic manifolds, Ann. Global Anal. Geom., 2014, 45(4): 251--266.
[3] Haizhong Li, Yong Wei and Changwei Xiong, A note on Weingarten hypersurfaces in the warped product manifold, Internat. J. Math., 2014, 25(14): 1450121.
[4] Haizhong Li and Changwei Xiong, Two rigidity theorems for fully nonlinear equations, Differential Geom. Appl., 2014, 37: 17--32.
[5] Hui Ma and Changwei Xiong, Hypersurfaces with constant anisotropic mean curvatures, J. Math. Sci. Univ. Tokyo, 2013, 20(3): 335--347.
[6] Daguang Chen and Changwei Xiong, Gradient estimates for doubly nonlinear diffusion equations, Nonlinear Anal., 2015, 112: 156--164.
[7] Yong Wei and Changwei Xiong, Inequalities of Alexandrov–Fenchel type for convex hypersurfaces in hyperbolic space and in the sphere, Pacific J. Math., 2015, 277(1), online first.

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