Associate Professor Bai-Ling Wang

ANU College of Science

Areas of expertise

  • Pure Mathematics 0101
  • Algebraic And Differential Geometry 010102
  • Mathematical Physics 0105
  • Mathematical Aspects Of Quantum And Conformal Field Theory, Quantum Gravity And String Theory 010505

Research interests

  • Geometric invariants for singular spaces using pseudo-differential operators on Lie groupoids
  • Gauge theory and low dimensional topology (Yang-Mills and Seiberg-Witten theory)
  • Symplectic topology (Gromov-Witten, Hamiltonian Gromov-Witten theory)
  • Gerbes, D-branes and dualities

Researcher's projects

  • virtual techniques in sympletic topology
  • Hamiltonian Gromov-Witten theory
  • K-theoretical Gromov-Witten theory
  • index theory and K-theory for orientifolds
  • Donaldson-Floer-Fukaya categories and TQFT
  • D-branes and K-homology for singular spaces


Available student projects

  • Gauge theory and its application
  • Dirac operators and index theory
  • Geometry of gerbes and D-branes
  • orbifold index theory
  • symplectic geometry and symplectic topology

Current student projects

  • Donaldson-Floer-Fukaya theory and TQFT
  • Lagrangian Floer theory 
  • sympectic topology and quantum field theory

Past student projects

  • geometry of orifolds
  • generalized homology
  • Dirac operators
  • Morse theory
  • Lie groups
  • differential topology
  • Yang-Mills theory
  • Chern-Simons theory


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