Dr Brad Tucker

Ph.D in Astrophysics (ANU), B.Sc. in Physics (Notre Dame), B.A. in Philosophy and Theology (Notre Dame)
Astrophysicist and Cosmologist
ANU College of Science
T: 02 6125 6711

Areas of expertise

  • Cosmology And Extragalactic Astronomy 020103
  • Astronomical And Space Instrumentation 020102
  • Stellar Astronomy And Planetary Systems 020110
  • General Relativity And Gravitational Waves 020105
  • Communication Studies 470101
  • Media Studies 470107

Research interests

Cosmology; Dark Energy; Supernova; UV and Space Instrumentation; All Sky Surveys and Transient Objects; Astronomy and Space Outreach; Public perception data mining; Mass Participation Outreach; Science Fiction and Science

Researcher's projects

- The Kepler Extra-Galactic Survey

- TESS Extra-Galactic Survey


- The Skymapper Supernova Survey

- OzDES = The Australian Dark Energy Survey

- DEbass


Available student projects

- Supernova, black holes, and cosmology with the Kepler Extra-Galactic Survey

- Supernova, black holes, graviational wave signatures, and cosmology with the TESS Extra-Galactic Survey

- Host galaxy studies with the IFU Spectroscopy


Current student projects

- Ryan Ridden-Harper (PhD, 2016) = Science with a UV High-Altitude Balloon System

- Natalia Sommer (PhD, 2016) = Type Ia Supernova and AGN Reverbreation Mapping to Measure the Transition Betweeen a Decelerating and an Accelerating Universe

- Nataliea Lowson (Honours, 2017) = Rare Transients with SkyMapper

- Daniel Muthukrishna (PhD, 2017) = Measuring H0 with TAIPAN, SkyMapper, and OzDES


Past student projects

- Daniel Muthrukrishna (Honours, Completed 2016) = DASH - Deep Learning for the Spectral Classification of Transient Astronomical Objects


Projects and Grants

Grants information is drawn from ARIES. To add or update Projects or Grants information please contact your College Research Office.

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