Associate Professor Tony Travouillon

Phd Astronomy, Bsc Physics and Astronomy
Associate Dean HDR, College of Science
ANU College of Science

Areas of expertise

  • Astronomical Instrumentation 510102
  • Space Instrumentation 510906
  • Photonics, Optoelectronics And Optical Communications 510204
  • Turbulent Flows 401213
  • Acoustics And Acoustical Devices; Waves 510301

Research interests

My main area of research is in instrumentation for astronomy and space research.

One of my areas of focus is instrumentation for transient astronomy. I have worked on telescopes like Gattini and DREAMS and focusing on the next generation of wide-field infrared telescopes such as Cryoscope, WST. I am also contributing to the automation of the Siding Spring transient factory and the design of the Keck Wide Field Imager.

I am highly invested on the study of the atmosphere and its impact on astronomical observations and space communication. I have developed instruments to measure the atmosphere turbulence and carried out site testing for some of the largest telescopes in the world. I am currently interested in using these technologies to search for great locations in Australia and the South pacific to install new laser-communication ground stations.

My interest in adaptive optics and wavefront sensing has led me work on the TMT, GMT and Subaru adaptive optics systems, notably on the development of deformable mirror and Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors. 


Researcher's projects

Siding Spring transient factory: Wide field infrared surveys and telescope automation

- GMT laser tomography Adaptive Optics: wavefront sensing technology for the next generation telescope

- Turbulence sensing and atmospheric modelling for Optical communication with space.

- Pyxis: space interferometry. Prototyping phase of a 3 CubeSat system to perform exoplanet research from space.


Available student projects

Student projecst open in:

- Software for wide-field infrared telescope surveys

- Atmospheric turbulence measurements

- wavefront sensing and laser tomography adative optics

- GUI and control software for a telescope farm


Projects and Grants

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