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The Australian National University

Dr Mark Strange

B.A. Hons (Durham); M.St., D.Phil. (Oxon)
Senior Lecturer
ANU College of Asia and the Pacific

Research interests

Medieval Chinese political and intellectual history

Chinese traditional historiography

Chinese traditional narrative

Textual criticism

Researcher's projects

History and Empire in Eleventh-Century China: Sima Guang on the Southern and Northern Dynasties (317-589)

Da sheng qi xin lun (Treatise on the Awakening of Mahayana Faith), tr. with John Jorgensen, Dan Lusthaus, and John Makeham, New York: Oxford University Press (forthcoming)

[‘Exegesis of the Awakening of Faith’, Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange, co-director]

with T.H. Barrett, ‘Walking by Itself: The Singular History of the Chinese Cat,’ in Martina Siebert and Roel Sterckx (eds.), Animals through Chinese History, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (22 pp., forthcoming)

‘Jie du Song Shen zong “Zi zhi tong jian xu”’ (‘A Reading of Song Shen zong’s ‘Preface to Zi zhi tong jian’; forthcoming)

Selected translation into English of Zi zhi tong jian (Comprehensive Mirror to Aid Governance), with an historical and philological commentary

Book-length study of the reception history of Zi zhi tong jian

Book-length study of representations of Emperor Wu of Liang (r. 502-549)

Current student projects

Jingjing CHEN, Grotto-heavens and early Supreme Clarity Daoism (supervisor)

Eugenie EDQUIST, The shaman and the strange: a reading of Li He's poetry (chair)

Victor FONG, Frontiers and ethnicity in late imperial Chinese law (chair)

Yu SANG, The influence of Wang Fuzhi on the formation of Xiong Shili's metaphysics (advisor)

Qin YANG, Diagrams in Song China (chair)

Yayun ZHU, Nanjing in Late-Ming and Early-Qing China (supervisor)

Past student projects

Recently supervised projects include: representations of Xinjiang in the work of Ji Yun (1724-1805); Yao Xie's (1805-1864) commentary on Hong lou meng; a critical translation of Suseongji by Im Je (1549-87).


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