Dr Zbigniew H. Stachurski

PhD, MSc., M.Mech.Engn.
Adjunct Professor (retired)
College of Engineering & Computer Science
T: +61 2 6125 5681

Research interests

Structure of solids: Theory of atomic arrangement in ideal and real amorphous solids. Measuring atomic arrangements in real amorphous organic, inorganic and metallic alloys. Structure and properties of natural materials. Mechanics of composite materials: elastic and buckling behaviour of anisotropic domes. Manufacturing of composites: effect of vibrations on void reduction in laminated composites Fibre reinforcement of materials: mechanical and physical properties of clay - cellulose fibre composite Mechanics of materials: variation of strength properties of genetically modified plants

Researcher's projects

Software for simulation of Ideal Amorphous Solid (IAS)


Real time strain measurement system for material characterisation

An Analytical Transmission Electron Microscope for the Investigation of Functional Materials, Earth Processes and Novel Condensed Matter

Application of pressure waves for B-staging and manufacturing of laminated composites

Satomgi Research Project: ACT ESA Information Architecture

Replacement X-ray generators: fundamental infrastructure for materials science

Systems Approach to Management of Government Information

Facility for Polarization Characterization of Ferroelectric, Plezoelectric, Pryoelectric Materials

Quickstep Process Project

Improved understanding of nanoscale materials - structure, composition, crystallography and defects revealed by electron imaging and analysis at high spatial resolution

Analysis of Thermoforming Methods for Composite Materials

Australian Materials Technology Network - Future Materials

East Timor Water Filter Project

Development of a ceramic structure incorporating an articulated porous microstructure to permit the passage of fluids and gases

Fabrication and characterisation of a specially structured material with regulated and articulated porosity for filtration and slow release

Multilayer Technical Textiles for High Performance Rigid Composite Products

Manufacturing and Modelling of Fibre Reinforced Composites

Composite Materials - Manufacturing Technologies Workshop, October 1997

Amorphous thin film materials in solar applications

Assessment of Advanced Manufacturing Techniques for the Automotive Industry

Towards a Theory of Amorphouness

The definition of an ideal amorphous solid of class I

Multi-layer orthogonal offset plate arrays

On the Theory of Ideal Amorphous Structures and Properties of Polymers at the Nano-scale Level

The New Science of Ideal Amorphous Solids Based on Statistical Geometry and Random Clusters

The stress-strain curve of amorphous glassy PMMA

Fast, Accurate Motion and Force Control of Shape Memory Alloys

Ductile Instability and Strain Softening Phenomenon in Fragile Glass Formers

Theoretical and Experimental Stuydies on Amorphous Piezoelectric Polymer Systems

Doping boron nitride nanotubes for light emission and controlled electric conductivities

High Performance Carbon Fibre Composite Batteries: A revolutionary Technology To Power Future Vehicles

Mechanical Behaviour of Amorphous Glassy Polymers - Simulation of Stress-Strain Response

Ultra high temperature ceramics: materials, wet chemistry based processing and properties

Deep-Ultraviolet Light Emission from Boron Nitride Nanotubes

Testing facility for Mechanical Testing of Advanced Materials

Gas Analysis System for Thermochemical Storage of Solar Energy

Preparation and characterization of an advanced epoxy/PPO resin system for high electrical insulation applications

Investigation of highly transient events by means of an ultra high speed digital camera

Characterisation and design of glass-fibre reinforced composites for Barley-Visible Impact (BVID) Resistance

Development of a Ceramic Structure Incorporating an Articulated Porous Microstructure to Permit the Passage of Gases and Fluids

Embedded Micro- and Nanoparticulates: Studies of their Preparation, Nanostructure and Properties

Computing the Ideal Amorphous Solid

Theoretical Model for Plastic Deformation in Amorphous Polymers

Density Fluctuation, Structure and Topology of Amorphous Glassy Materials


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