Dr Lillian Smyth

BA, BSc(Psychology)(Hons), PhD, SFHEA
Senior Lecturer in Medical Education
ANU College of Health and Medicine

Areas of expertise

  • Educational Psychology 170103
  • Social And Community Psychology 170113
  • Psychological Methodology, Design And Analysis 170110
  • Curriculum And Pedagogy 1302

Research interests


Dr Smyth's research interests focus on social and educational psychology, working mainly on self-concept structure, identity, social influence, and applications of social psychological theory to teaching and learning.


Current student projects


  • Katrina Rivera (PhD candidate). Performance anxiety in music: a necessary evil?
  • Sarah Walker (PhD candidate). Access is success, and other lies that we've been told
  • Mila Knezovic (PhD candidate).  


  • Mary Baun
  • Amy Fulton


Past student projects


  • Self-structure and discrimination: implications for coping and wellbeing, Dora Sharpe-Davidson, Clinical PhD (Cosupervised with Ken Mavor & Kate Reynolds)


  • Practical challenges and identity transition in higher education, Ria Chhabra, (2022)
  • Cross-cultural differences in self-concept structure, Shihan (Gorden) Lu (2022), RSP
  • Virtual Reality and Perspective taking, Dinukshi Kaparuge (2021), RSP
  • Social Identification, Social Norms, and Helping Behaviour, Jia Chean Ooi (2019), RSP
  • Effects of Vulnerable Narcissism Trait on Perception andAdherence to Prosocial Norms, Ken Kit Ong (2019), RSP
  • Practice in art and science: bridging the gap with creativity. Bethany Lincoln (2019), RSB (Cosupervised with Krisztina Valter, Alex Webb and Elisa Crossing)
  • A cross-cultural examination of first-date scripts. Jeong In Kim (2018), RSP
  • The impact of norm-conflict on academic dishonesty and cheating behaviour, Ariana Grafton (2018), RSP
  • Information and discussion: unpacking the effects of small group interaction on norm formation, Kate Wilson Woolley (2018), RSP.
  • Self, social identity and well-being in transition: The moderating role for perceived social resources, Joane JS Chong (2017), RSP
  • Norm conflict & work-life balance in tertiary students, Brendan Dwyer (2016), RSP
  • The Role Of Social Influence On Motivation And Perseverance In Tertiary Education, Kaushini Samarjeewa (2015), RSP
  • Discipline Social Identification and Normative Conflict in Higher Education: Student versus Teacher Learning Approach Norms, Vritika Chandra (2015), RSP

MChD Research Projects:

  • Amy Campbell (2022)
  • Soha Rizvi (2022)
  • Atul Sharma (2021)
  • Lara Ollis.  (2021)
  • Riley Attard. (2021)
  • Telehealth hub (with A/Prof Diana Perriman): (2021) Joshua Whitbread, Suzannah Roushdy, Jerusha Jeyasingham, Peta O'Brien, Charles Lloyd
  • Brendan Brew. (2020)
  • James Li  (2020) 
  • Hazreana Jaya (2019)
  • Nazurah Haji Awang Mahli (2018)
  • Salwa Haji Abdul Rahman (2018)


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