Associate Professor Jose A. Rodrigues Neto

PhD (Economics), University of Wisconsin-Madison
Associate Professor
ANU College of Business and Economics

Areas of expertise

  • Economic Theory 1401
  • Applied Economics 1402

Research interests

Economic Theory: Game Theory, Matching Theory, Microeconomics. 

Applied Economics: Law & Economics, Education, Central Banking.

Available student projects

Important: I'm not interested in students for short term projects.

I supervise economic PhD and honours students, but have no funding.

Economic Theory: Game Theory (Games of Incomplete Information), Matching Theory (Stable Roommates Problem), Information Economics (Information Structures, Probability Ranges, and applications), Microeconomics, Decision Theory.

Applied Economic Theory: Law & Economics (Corruption, Crime and Punishment, Criminal Records), Education (New Technologies in Education and Strategic Incentives), Industrial Organization (Status Concerns, Oligopolies, Market for Protection), Public Economics (Private Provision of Public Goods, Voting).

Past student projects

"Social Choice", Sai Gedipudi, summer 2018.

"Altruism and Probability Distortion in Simple Games", Jiahao Huang, 2015.

"Housemates Problem", Michael J. Webb, 2014.

"Litigation as a Tournament", Ben Chen, 2013.

"Regret and Rejoice in Reference-Dependent Preferences", Hoang Nguyen, 2013.

"On the Necessity of Pairs and Triples for the Equivalence between Rationality Axioms", Junnan He (paper published in a refereed journal), paper for a course, 2011.

"A Conspicuous Consumption Model with Heterogeneous Status Concerns", Weichen Yan (winner of ANU academic medal), 2010.

"Knowledge, Information and the Possibility of Trade: A Review", Jakub Kielbasa, 2010.

"Information Structures", James Taylor, summer 2009.

"House M.D. or Patch Adams: A Model of Medical Student Selection", Duy Nguyen, 2007.


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