Associate Professor Vanessa Robins

PhD, University of Colorado at Boulder, 2000
Associate Professor in Fundamental and Theoretical Physics
ANU College of Science

Areas of expertise

  • Applied Mathematics 0102
  • Pattern Recognition And Data Mining 080109
  • Theoretical And Applied Mechanics 010207
  • Ordinary Differential Equations, Difference Equations And Dynamical Systems 010109
  • Surfaces And Structural Properties Of Condensed Matter 020406
  • Statistical Mechanics, Physical Combinatorics And Mathematical Aspects Of Condensed Matter 010506

Research interests

My main research interest is in computational topology and geometry. I work on the underlying mathematics, algorithms, and applications to scientific problems. 

Available student projects

See my physics profile page (also linked at the bottom of this page).


Current student projects


Yossi Bokor, MSI, PhD Candidate. Topological Data Analysis for stratified manifolds. 


Yanzhi Guo, RSPhys, MPhil Candidate. Topological Data Analysis of molecular dynamics simulations of disordered materials. 


Musashi Koyama, RSPhys, PhD Candidate. Fast algorithms and applications of Vietoris-Rips persistent homology



Past student projects

Adam Onus, MSI, Honours 2020. Persistent homology of periodic cell complexes. 

Bettina Hill, MSI, Honours 2020.  Shape signatures for leaves.

James Morgan, MSI, Honours 2020. Euler characteristic of clique complexes from random graphs. 

Kelly Maggs, MSI, MPhil 2020. Topological Data Analysis of induced software exception call stacks.

Sahar Masoudian, RSPE, MPhil 2020. Computable invariants for links in the three-torus.

Kelly Maggs, MSI, Honours 2019. Discrete Morse theory and persistent homotopy.

Amit Singh,  RSB, PhD 2018. Dynamics Properties, Formation and Shape of Leaves

Joel Martin, MSI, Honours 2018. Topological crystallography of graphs and surfaces. 

Toen Castle, RSPE, PhD 2013. Entangled Graphs on Surfaces in Space. 

Myfanwy Evens, RSPE, PhD 2011. Three-Dimensional Entanglement: Knots, Knits, and Nets.

Kassel Hingee, MSI, Hons 2008. Morse-Smale functions and image analysis. 





Projects and Grants

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