Dr Gregory Raymond

PhD, MA, BSc, Dip Ed
Research Fellow
ANU College of Asia and the Pacific
T: 0420425222

Research interests

Strategic culture, memory and national identity

Southeast Asian security, regional militaries and Great Power alliances.

Australian defence policy.

Use of force and the rules-based global order.




Gregory Raymond is a lecturer in the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre researching Southeast Asian security. As well as convening the ASEAN Australia Defence Postgraduate Scholarship Program, he is an editor of the journal Security Challenges and is ANU Press editor for the Asia Pacific Security series. He holds a PhD in political science from La Trobe University and an MA in Asian Studies from Monash University.  Before joining the Australian National University, Greg was a policy advisor in the Australian Government, including in the strategic and international policy areas of the Department of Defence and the Australian Embassy in Bangkok.  


Researcher's projects

Book Project:  A new book to be published by Routledge will examine how Thailand’s historical memory is shaping relations both with its ally the United States, and its alternative suitor, China.  The book will draw on analysis of surveys we have conducted over three years with 1800 Thai military officers under the Minerva Initiative.

In analysing memory we will employ an approach of identifying “sites of memory” that in totality go to constituting national identity.  Identifying “Sites of memory” was an approach employed by French historian Pierre Nora in his work on the development of French national identity.[1]  “Sites of memory” can comprise material or non-material entities; key incidents, places, images, and figures that persist and become a “symbolic element of the memorial heritage of any community”.  In this book we will treat the Thai-US alliance as a “site of memory”, evaluating its constituent elements, primarily over the course of the twentieth century, and particularly the Cold War and post-Cold War periods.  We will take a similar approach to the construction of the memory of China.

[1] Realms of memory: rethinking the French past / under the direction of Pierre Nora; English language edition edited and with a foreword by Lawrence D. Kritzman ; translated by Arthur Goldhammer (New York : Columbia University Press, 1996-c1998).  


Current student projects

PhD Research:  The experience of East Timor and impact on the culture of the Indonesian military.

PhD Research:  Indonesia as a middle power and behaviour in maritime issues.

PhD Research: Chinese interests in Melanesia

Honours thesis: Is the Pakistani military’s strategic culture significantly changing?



Projects and Grants

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