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The Australian National University

Associate Professor Charani Ranasinghe

BSc (Uni. Rouen, France), MPhil (Uni. Colombo), PhD (UWA)
Associate Professor and Group Leader
ANU College of Health and Medicine
T: +61 2 6125 4706

Areas of expertise

  • Infectious Diseases 110309
  • Cellular Immunology 110704
  • Immunology 1107
  • Medical Molecular Engineering Of Nucleic Acids And Proteins 100403
  • Cellular Interactions (Incl. Adhesion, Matrix, Cell Wall) 060106
  • Medical Virology 110804
  • Immunology Not Elsewhere Classified 110799

Research interests

Mucosal HIV vaccines (prime boost vaccines) & mucosal adjuvants

CD8+ T cell avidity & molecular mecanisms governing their induction

Cytokines/chemokines and their role in mucosal immunity and T cell avidity

Mucosal homing markers in relation to mucosal vaccination, mainly HIV

Identification of novel mucosal bio-markers to evaluate mucosal immune responses to HIV vaccines

identification of antigen presenting cell subsets following mucosal vaccination 

IL-4 and IL-13 cytokine regulation in relation to vaccination

Novel HIV vaccines and B cell immunity


Available student projects

Research Opportunities for Students

  • Develop novel vaccines strategies to enhance protective mucosal immunity focusing on HIV-1 vaccines
  • Understand the molecular mechanisms governing the induction of high avidity CD8+ T cells, in the context of IL-4/IL-13
  • Discover novel vaccine adjuvants to enhance mucosal immunity 
  • Evaluate novel Bio-markers to measure mucosal immunity to vaccine antigens
  • Evaluate mucosal-specific homing markers and their migration following mucosal and systemic vaccination
  • Evaluation of HIV-specific humoral immunity
  • Identification of antigen presenting cell subsets following mucosal vaccination
  • Study IL-4/IL-13 cytokine and their receptor regulation
  • Study different innate lymphoid cell subsets at the mucosae


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