Susanna Price

BA Hons, MA Australian National University MA with Distinction, University of East Anglia; PhD in progress.
Lecturer (Hon) CHL CAP
College of Asia & the Pacific
T: 62575525

Areas of expertise

  • Other Language, Communication And Culture 2099

Research interests

Social research, social analysis, social impact assessment, development-forced displacement and resettlement (DFDR) especially in Indonesia and China.  Comparative analysis of DFDR with other forms of displacement in terms of reconstructing temporal and spatial meaning, reducing livelihood and marginalization risks, mobility after resettlement, renegotiated cultural space, individual responses and decision-making about resettlement.   


After working in Ausaid, I joined the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Manila to implement ADB’s 1995 Policy on Involuntary Resettlement. Awards include:

  • 2003 The Praxis Award, First Place Washington Association of Professional Anthropologists for work on resettlement policy enhancement in Asia Pacific region.
  • 1999, 2000 and 2002, three awards under the ADB President’s Performance Recognition Awards Scheme both individually and as a team leader for contributions to resettlement policy implementation.
  • 2000 My study on resettlement policy enhancement in China, Indonesia and several other countries won the 9th Canadian Award for International Co-operation (CIDA Award).
  • 1987-88 Australian Government Public Service scholarship for postgraduate study overseas.

Researcher's projects


National frameworks for development displacement:

  1. Balancing the individual's right to free, prior, informed consent and the state's right to eminent domain or compulsory acquisition in the public interest.
  2. Addressing "intangible" losses: food security; social cohesion; primary cultural meaning; identity; and livelihoods
  3. Negotiated settlements - asymmetries and opportunities.

Social analysis; social impact assessment; and social stability risk assessment: untangling differences in objectives, purpose, procedures, process and outcomes.


IAIA 2020 May Seville Session Chair Governance in Resettlement I


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