Dr James Prest

BA(Hons)(Adel.), LLB( Hons 1) (ANU), GDLP (ANU), PhD (Env. Law) (Wollong.), Barrister and Solicitor (ACT)
Lecturer, ANU College of Law; Researcher at Centre for Climate Law and Policy; Researcher at Australian Centre for Environmental Law; Member ANU Energy Change Institute
ANU College of Law

Areas of expertise

  • Environmental And Natural Resources Law 180111

Research interests

environmental law and litigation (particularly comparative research relating to climate change and the law, energy law, biodiversity law), regulatory theory, compliance and enforcement, clinical legal education.

Researcher's projects

1. Australia’s Solar Shutdown: The Untimely Demise of Feed-in Tariff Laws in Australia, paper in preparation documenting amendments to FIT laws in Australia, analysing future of renewable energy support at State level in the context of a national carbon price and review of the RET under the Federal Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000 (Cth).

2. Against the Wind: Planning Law Barriers to Wind Farm Development in Australia (Expansion of submission (2011) Submission to Senate Community Affairs References Committee, Inquiry into the Social and Economic Impact of Rural Wind Farms).  

3. Reforming Planning Law for Wind Energy in Australia and the United States: A Comparative Review, (Based on paper given at Yale (2010) “Fast Tracking Versus Public Participation? Planning Law for Wind Energy Development: Weighing Global Benefits Against Local Impacts”  Yale 2nd UNITAR/Yale 2010 Conference on Environmental Governance and Democracy Strengthening Institutions to Address Climate Change and Advance a Green Economy, Law School, Yale University, New Haven, CT, 17-19 September. Article focusses on planning law in NSW, Victoria and compares these with Texas and South Dakota.

4. Regulating Mercury Emissions from Conventional Electricity Generation in Australia, research project since February 2012 at ANU Centre for Climate Law and Policy. Principal Investigator.

5. Comparing United States and Australian Approaches to Regulating Mercury Emissions from Conventional Electricity Generation. Project since February 2012 at ANU Centre for Climate Law and Policy. Principal Investigator.


Current student projects

Current Research Students (at April 2012)
Roger Ilitch (PhD Candidate) (Chair of Panel), Implementation and Enforcement of Environmental Laws: an Internationally Comparative Study of Crime in the Carbon Markets, commenced February 2012.


Glen Wright (PhD Candidate) (Chair of Panel), Marine Renewable Energy: Designing a regulatory framework for an abundant renewable energy resource, commenced February 2012.




Past student projects

HDR Students

Greg Buckman “'Renewable Electricity Support Policy: Lessons for Australia From Overseas Experience' (PhD) (Adviser), (Submitted January 2011) ; Later published as “'The Effectiveness of Renewable Portfolio Standard banding and carve-outs in supporting high-cost types of renewable electricity'  2011, vol. 39 (7) Energy Policy 4105-4114.

Angela Dwyer 'Uncertainty, Precaution and [Species] Listing in Australia: A Key to the Anteroom' (Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD), submitted S2, 2009) (Chair of Panel)

LLB Honours students

 Charlotte Hanson (2011) – “Regulating the Known Unknowns: How Environmental Uncertainty is Addressed in the Regulation of the Coal Seam Gas Industry in Queensland and New South Wales” (Sem 2, 2011)

Byron Fay (2011) – Environmental Clinical Education (“Beckoning the age of the public interest environmental law sector: The key to public enforcement of environmental standards in NSW”, Sem1, 2011)

Claude Walker (2011) – “The Legal Framework for Geothermal Energy: Stimulating Development through Law and Law Reform” (Sem2, 2011)

Josh Prentice “Making Effective Use of Australia's Natural Resources ; The Record of Australian Renewable Energy Law in the International Context” (Hons. S1, 2010), published as “Making Effective Use of Australia's Natural Resources – The Record of Australian Renewable Energy Law under the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000 (Cth) Renewable Energy Law and Policy Review 1/2011: pp. 5-16 [Article]

Martin King, “Wasted Opportunities: Non-technical barriers to increased uptake of municipal solid waste to electricity technology under Commonwealth and NSW Law”, Semester 1, 2011. 

Andrew Brickhill “ Blowing Communities Apart: Addressing Community Resistance to Wind Farms under NSW Planning Law” (Hons. S1, 2010)


Projects and Grants

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