Associate Professor Adam Piggott

D.Phil. Mathematics, University of Oxford, 2005
First-year Coordinator at the MSI
ANU College of Science

Areas of expertise

  • Pure Mathematics 0101
  • Group Theory And Generalisations 010105

Research interests

Geometric Group Theory; Groups presented by rewriting systems; Automorphism groups of groups. 


Adam was an undergraduate at the University of Wollongong (B.Math, Honours first class, and B.CompSci) and a graduate student at the University of Oxford (D.Phil. Mathematics).  Working as a mathematician in the USA for 13 years (three years at Tufts University and ten years at Bucknell University), he gained considerable experience teaching undergraduate mathematics within the liberal arts model.  He returned to Australia in 2018, spending two and half years at the University of Queensland before moving to the Australian National University in 2021 to become the First-year Coordinator in the Mathematical Sciences Institute.

Researcher's projects

Geodetic groups: foundational problems in algebra and computer science.

A project with Prof. Murray Elder (Univeristy of Technology Sydney) and Prof. Volker Diekert (University of Stuttgart).  This project is funded via an ARC Discovery Project grant DP210100271.

The project aims to resolve important and longstanding open problems in Geometric Group Theory and Theoretical Computer Science. Since the 1980s researchers have conjectured that the geometric property of admitting a geodetic Cayley graph is equivalent to several purely algebraic, algorithmic, and language-theoretic characterisations of groups. The project requires expertise in geodesic properties of groups, the interaction between formal languages and groups, and the theory of rewriting systems.

Available student projects

Make an appointment and we can talk about some projects related to rewriting systems in groups, automophism groups of groups, or geometric group theory in general.


Projects and Grants

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