Dr Juliet Pietsch

Associate Professor
College Arts & Social Sciences


Juliet Pietsch is an Associate Professor of Political Science specialising in race and ethnic politics and political sociology. Her recent research focuses on the political integration of migrants and ethnic minorities in Western immigrant countries and Southeast Asia. She also researches questions relating to migrant voting patterns, citizenship, migrant political engagement and political socialisation. She has held Visiting Fellowships at Stanford University and the University of Oxford and has recently completed a book published by the University of Toronto Press comparing the political integration of migrants and ethnic minorities in Australia, Canada and the United States. 


Researcher's projects

2016 Co-recipient ARC Discovery Award ($495,500) Overcoming the Problems of Inconsistent Migration Data in the Asia Pacific. [DP170102468]

2015 Co-recipient ARC Discovery Award ($406,890) Political Engagement Among the Young: The 2016-19 Australian Election Study.[DP160101501]

2013 ARC Discovery DECRA Award ($374,000) Asian Australian Political Identities and Participation across Communities: Comparisons with the United States.[DE130101265]

2013 Co-recipient ARC Discovery Award ($150,052) Political Participation among First and Second Generation Immigrants.[DP130100965]

2012 Co-recipient ARC Discovery Award ($131,000) The 2012/13 Australian Election Study: Volatility and Electoral Change.[DP120103941]

2011 Free University of Brussels Award ($15,000) PartiRep Research Project: Participation and Representation in Modern Democracies

2010 Co-recipient ARC Discovery Award ($90,000) The 2010 Australian Election Study: The Dynamics of Political Choice. [DP170102468]


Current student projects

Isobel Crealy. Thesis Title: ‘Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Secondary Education’

Atem Atem. Thesis Title: ‘Settlement Experiences of Sudanese Families in Western Sydney’

Evan Williams. Thesis Title: ‘Framing Immigration: Predicting and repositioning Attitudes towards Asylum Seekers’

Jillian Sheppard. Thesis Title: ‘The Internet, Society and Politics: Political Participation in Australia'

Burhanuddin Muhtadi. Thesis Title: ‘Democracy and Money Politics in Indonesia’

Troy Cruikshank. Thesis Title: ‘Economic Voting and European Financial Crisis: A Comparative Study of 21 Countries’

Sarah Cameron, Thesis Title: ‘Political Participation and Democratic Support in Times of Crisis: Citizen Responses to the Global Financial Crisis'

Shaun Crowe, Thesis Title: ‘Australia’s Labor and Greens Parties: Allies or Enemies'

Brad Taylor. Thesis Title: ‘Eliminating Feasibility’

Alison Plumb. Thesis Title: ‘Euthanasia Politics in the Australian State and Territorial Parliaments'

Andrew Klassen. Thesis Title: ‘Electoral Management Autonomy and Fair Elections'.

Madeleine Penman. Thesis Title: ‘Understanding Powerful Players: Meeting and measruring Mining Companies'



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