Associate Professor John ('Jack') Pezzey

BA Mathematics (Cambridge) 1976, MSc Economics (London) 1983, PhD Economics (Bristol) 1994
Honorary Associate Professor, Fenner School of Environment and Society; and Joint Founder, Economics and Environment Network, ANU
ANU College of Science

Areas of expertise

  • Environment And Resource Economics 140205
  • Economic Development And Growth 140202
  • Environment Policy 160507
  • Ecological Economics 149902
  • Welfare Economics 140219

Research interests

My main research interest is the sustainability of world civilisation in the face of environmental resource constraints over the next century or two, combining contrasting insights from mainstream ("neoclassical") and ecological economics.  More particularly it is on the economics of sustainability concepts at global and national levels, and applying these concepts to national income accounting and sustainability policies.  My secondary research interest is the political economy of pollution taxes, especially the comparison between a carbon (emissions) tax and a (carbon) emissions trading scheme for curbing global warming.


I joined the ANU in 1999 after posts at the Universities of Colorado, Bristol, London and York, following a decade in the UK Civil Service as a meteorologist, energy analyst and environmental economist.  I have a BA in applied mathematics and theoretical physics from the University of Cambridge; and a PhD in economics from the University of Bristol, focusing on the theory of sustainability and environmental policies.  I have received numerous research awards from prestigious institutions in the UK, USA and Australia, and have authored over 25 highly-cited journal articles and other papers on environmental and ecological economics, with a focus in the last decade on climate economics.  For full CV see, downloadable from my personal website,

Current student projects

Adrian Hindes, "Taking solar geoengineering seriously: an interdisciplinary study of stratospheric aerosol injection" (PhD panel member)

Past student projects

Edwina Fingleton-Smith, "Sparking change? Understanding energy use and development in Kenya: A qualitative study" (Panel Chair), PhD awarded in 2024

Carl Tidemann, "Government, governance and the energy trilemma: Australia’s experience of the renewable electricity transition", PhD awarded in 2021

Yan Zhang, "Occupant behavior and its impact on energy consumption of urban residential buildings" (panel member), PhD awarded in 2021

Walter Reinhardt, "Demand Management in Urban Water and Electricity: How can we do it better?" (panel member), PhD awarded in 2015

Greg Buckman, "Renewable electricity support policy: Lessons for Australia from overseas experience", PhD awarded in 2011

Qinghong Pu, "Dynamic tradable discharge permits for managing river water quality: an evaluation of Australia's Hunter River Salinity Trading Scheme", PhD awarded in 2009

Phillip Pagan, "Evaluation of institutions for interstate water trading involving the Australian Capital Territory", MPhil awarded in 2008

Frank Jotzo, "Global climate policy after the Kyoto Protocol: flexible economic mechanisms for South and North under uncertainty and institutional constraints", PhD awarded in 2006


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