Dr Hardip Patel

Bioinformatics Lead, National Centre for Indigenous Genomics
ANU College of Health and Medicine
T: 02 6125 2392

Areas of expertise

  • Bioinformatics 060102
  • Genomics 060408
  • Gene Expression (Incl. Microarray And Other Genome Wide Approaches) 060405
  • Genome Structure And Regulation 060407
  • Molecular Evolution 060409
  • Phylogeny And Comparative Analysis 060309

Available student projects

National Centre for Indigenous Genomics is established under the federal legislation to ensure genomics research addresses the equity gap in personalised medicine for Indigenous Australians. NCIG Collection consists of blood samples, historical records, and genomic data obtained from >7000 Indigenous Australians. 

We prioritise following research topics and methods for NCIG research:

  • studying large and small genetic variations within and between Indigenous communities to understand their implications in health and disease, and their evolutionary properties
  • develop and use innovative computational biology and bioinformatics techniques to assemble genomes and detect variations using population scale genomic data

We work in a multidisciplinary collaborative network to create high quality genomic resources and data products for their use in basic and translational research and clinical applications. Our work is conducted under the leadership and governance of the NCIG Indigenous majority Board to ensure benefit for Indigenous Australians.

We have various research projects available in genomics, computational biology, and bioinformatics based on skills and experience levels of prospective students. Prospective research students will have the opportunity to work in a dynamic environment with access to high-calibre researchers in our national collaborative network. 

I have co-supervised 15 students at PhD, Masters, Honours, and Research Projects level. Students have found their experience rewarding and gone on to pursue their aspirations as post-doctoral researchers, or higher studies in their fields of interest. I would like to welcome new students into our research group to pursue high quality research in Indigenous genomics.



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