Dr Harshel Parikh

MBBS, MD (Anaesthesiology), EDIC, FCICM, AFRACMA
Staff specialist, Intensive Care Unit, Canberra Hospital
ANU College of Health and Medicine

Research interests

Quality in intensive care

Nutritional support in critically ill patients

Continuous renal replacment therapies 

Extra-corporeal support therapies in  critically ill patients

Researcher's projects

1.    Parikh HG, Miller A, Chapman M, Moran JL, Peake SL. Calorie delivery and clinical outcomes in critically ill: a systemic review and meta-analysis. Crit Care Resusc, 2016 Mar; 18(1): 17-24

2.    Parikh HG, Dash SK, Upasani C. Study of the effect of oral Gabapentin used as preemptive analgesia to attenuate post-operative pain in patients undergoing abdominal surgery under general anesthesia. Saudi Journal of Anesthesia- Sep- Dec 2010; 4(3); 137-141

3.    Parikh HG, Upasani CB: Role of NM Junction Monitoring in Eclamptic Patient with Iatrogenic Hypermagnesemia. The Indian Anesthetists’ Forum – (http://www.theiaforum.org) January 2010. Online ISSN 0973-0311.

4.    Dash SK, Parikh HG, Tiwari SB, Kondwilkar BD: Acute Reversal of Warfarin Therapy in Patient with Protein C & S Deficiency. The Indian Anesthetists’ Forum – (http://www.theiaforum.org) April 2010.Online ISSN 0973-0311.

5.    Dash SK, Gosavi KS, Parikh HG, Kondwilkar B. Effect of Clonidine, by infiltration and by the intravenous route, on scalp block for supratentorial craniotomy. Southern African Journal of Anesthesia and Analgesia, Vol 16, No 6 (2010) 

6.  Florescu, Simin, Delia Stanciu, Mihaela Zaharia, Alma Kosa, Daniel Codreanu, Aneela Kidwai, Sobia Masood, et al. "Effect of antiplatelet therapy on survival and organ support–free days in critically ill patients with COVID-19: a randomized clinical trial." Jama 327, no. 13 (2022): 1247-1259.

7.   Florescu S, Stanciu D, Zaharia M, Kosa A, Codreanu D, Kidwai A, Masood S, Kaye C, Coutts A, MacKay L, Summers C, et al. Long-term (180-day) outcomes in critically ill patients with COVID-19 in the REMAP-CAP randomized clinical trial. JAMA. 2022 Dec 16.



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