Dr Hemant Ojha

Adjunct Associate Professor
ANU College of Science
T: +61424733778

Areas of expertise

  • Climate Change Impacts And Adaptation 4101
  • Environment Policy 440704
  • Development Studies 4404
  • Poverty, Inclusivity And Wellbeing 440405

Research interests

  • Climate adpatation governance 
  • Water security 
  • Food security 
  • Climate Loss and Damage
  • Community and natural resoources management 
  • Science-policy itnerface and co-production 


Hemant Ojha is an environmental social scientist and works as the Principal Advisor for Institute for Study and Development Worldwide (IFSD), Sydney. He is an Adjunct Associate Professor at Australian National University and through ANU Fenner School of Environment, he is currently developing two research projects on water and climate change in partnership with Australian Centre for Internaitonal Agricultural Research (ACIAR). These projects aim to contribute to water and cliamte security of countries and communities in South Asia. He has worked intensively in Himalayan South Asia as an action researcher, collaborating closely with community movements and policy makers in areas of community based natural resources management, water policy, inclusive development, and climate change adaptation. He has co-founded civil society research organisations platforms for critical action research in South Asia. He has advised several international agencies including UNESCO and the OECD and contributed to various international expert panels on environment and development. He has published over 200 papers. He is also an Ajunct Professor at Univeirsty of Canberra, Australia. 

Researcher's projects

- Enhancing liverhoods and food security through community frestry in Nepal (funded by Australian Cenre for International Agricultural Research or ACIAR)

- Strengthening Loss and Damage Response Capacity in the Global South (funded by Canadian International Development Reearch Centre, or IDRC)

-  Governing Climate Resilient Futures: gender, justice and conflict resolution in resource management (JUSTCLIME) (funded by Swedish Research Council)

- SPringwater management, Agriculture, and resilient livelihoods in the midhills of Nepal (SPAN) (funded by ACIAR)

- Climate risks and livleihoods transformation in SIndh, Pakistan (funded by ACIAR)

Available student projects

- Co-supervising a Master dissertation on ‘Policy Labs’ as a means of improving natural resource management in Nepal: a review of progress.

Past student projects

Supervised various PhD projects: 

2014-2018: Department of Urban and Rural Development, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden. Co-supervisor: PhD Research on climate change and development. 

o   2012-2016: Fenner School of Environment and Society, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia. Co-supervisor: PhD research on natural resources and corruption. 

o   2012-2016: Department of Resource Management and Geography, University of Melbourne, Australia. Co-supervisor: PhD research on community based cliamte change adpatation, along with Prof Rod Keenan, Faculty of Science.

o   2010-14: Fenner School of Environment and Society, Australian National University. Co-supervisor: PhD research on Deliberative governance of forestry in Nepal, with Prof John Dryzek and Peter Kanowski

o   2011-14: Curtin University, Australia. Co-supervisor: PhD Research of Sudeep Jana Thing on protected area and indigenous people, with Prof Roy Jones

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