Dr Trevor Murray

PhD Australian National University, Bachelour of Science (Hons) Australian National University
POSTDOCTORAL SCIENTIST - Zeil Lab - Ecological neuroscience
ANU College of Science

Areas of expertise

  • Behavioural Ecology 060201
  • Invertebrate Biology 060808
  • Software Engineering 080309

Research interests

Visual navigation

Closed loop virtual reality

The information content of natural environments

Neural processing of visual information

Interactive systems for education


Researcher's projects

The navigational value of panoramic snapshots

The homing behavoiur in ants, in natural and virtual environments

The form and function of the learning walks and flights of insects

Identifying neural representations of navigational information through panoramic manipulation

The importance of colour for navigational information and homing in insects



Available student projects

Automated tracking of insect anatomy from video

The environmental triggers of re-learning walks in ants

Variation in catchment volume structure in response to natural environmental variation

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