Dr Justyna Miszkiewicz

BSc Hons, PhD
College of Arts and Social Sciences

Areas of expertise

  • Biological (Physical) Anthropology 160102
  • Biological Adaptation 060303
  • Vertebrate Biology 060809
  • Forensic Biology 069901
  • Archaeological Science 210102
  • Biomechanics 110601
  • Comparative Physiology 060604

Research interests

My research interest is the use of microscopic techniques in hard tissue biology to answer questions that relate to organism physiology, health, disease, environment, ecology, and social structures, both in the past and present.


2021-2023: Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
2021: Head of Biological Anthropology, ANU, Canberra, Australia
2020-2021: Senior Lecturer in Biological Anthropology, ANU, Canberra, Australia
2019-2022: ARC DECRA Fellow, ANU, Canberra, Australia
2019-2023: Treasurer, Australasian Society for Human Biology, Australia
2016-2019: Lecturer in Biological Anthropology, ANU, Canberra, Australia
2016-2022: Honorary Research Associate, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK
2015-2016: Research Assistant, Imperial College London/ Hammersmith Hospital, London, UK
2014: Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK
2014: Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCHE), University of Kent, Canterbury, UK
2014: Lecturer in Biological Anthropology, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK
2014: PhD in Biological Anthropology, Mahoney Lab, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK
2012-2014: Osteologist, Kent Osteological Research and Analysis, Canterbury, UK
2010-2013: Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK
2010: Bachelor of Science 1st Class Hons, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK
2009-2012: Assistant Osteologist, Kent Osteological Research and Analysis, Canterbury, UK
2008-2013: Laboratory Demonstrator, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK
2007: Tutor, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK

Researcher's projects

Grants > $100k Principal investigator (PI): 

  • 2019-2022 ARC DECRA, $381,210 AUD (DE190100068) Bone metabolism change with lifestyle in ancient Asia-Pacific populations 
  • 2018 ANU Major Equipment Grant $135,000 AUD (18MEC26) Microscopy of the primate skeleton 

Associate investigator:

  • 2019-2022 NZ Marsden Fund The Best of Times, the Worst of Times: A Biocultural investigation of 19th century Frontier mining cemeteries in Australia, New Zealand and California $827,000 NZD (18-UOO-028), PI: Prof HR Buckley, University of Otago

My record of peer-reviewed publications is 42 as of Sept 2021, including 1 edited book. To date, I have secured >$560k in major and smaller grants towards research as a PI, and >$13k towards research travel. Including collaborative grants (e.g. as an Associate/ Co-Investigator), I have featured on >$1.5 million worth of research grants. 

More here

Available student projects

I am happy to mentor research students who are interested in learning how microscopic analyses of bones and teeth inform about human and non-human animal behaviour in the past and present.

Current student projects

2021- Lauren Richards (Masters) Primary Supervisor, ANU Bone health and social inequality 
2019- Pau Basilia (PhD) Co-Supervisor, Griffith University Insular dwarfism in SEA Stegodon sp. fossils 
2018- Karen Cooke (PhD) Primary Supervisor, ANU Bone histopathology of treponemal disease 
2018- Tahlia Stewart (PhD) Primary Supervisor, ANU Human rib and femur microanatomy and age 
2018- Chelsea Morgan (MPhil) Primary Supervisor, ANU Sex and gender in bioarchaeology
2016- Nicole Macfarlane (PhD) Co-supervisor, ANU The effects of differing water types on decomposition of bone in aquatic contexts

Past student projects

Visiting post-docs

2019-2021 Dr Eline Schotsmans, University of Wollongong/University of Bordeaux 
2019-2021 Dr Anne Marie E. Sohler-Snoddy, University of Otago

Honours, Masters, MPhil, PhDs

Submitted 2021 Madeleine Fleming (MPhil) Co-supervisor, ANU Investigation of type 2 diabetic trabecular compensation in femoral bone of the NOD·B10 foz/foz mouse 
Submitted 2021 Lauren Meckel (PhD) Associate supervisor, University of Otago Structural Violence in Éire: Bone Histology of Victims from the Great Famine (Ireland 1845-1852) 
Graduated 2019 Hannah Miles (Masters) ANU Osteocyte lacunae in medieval human bone 
Graduated 2019 Nathalia Dias Guimaraes (Masters) ANU Human Palaeohistology at Santana Do Riacho
Graduated 2019 Meg Walker (Masters) ANU Ancient behaviour and ancestry in Holocene Vietnam
Graduated 2019 Kate Phillips (Masters) Co-supervisor, ANU Sex, age, physical activity and bone loss
Graduated 2019 Sarah Robertson (PhD) Primary Supervisor, ANU Cribra orbitalia at Spitalfields 
Graduated 2018 Tara Mann (Honours) ANU Tibia vara and obesity
Graduated 2018 Diana Tieppo (Masters) ANU Sex-specific bone microstructure of the midshaft femur
Graduated 2018 Danielle Rosenquist (Masters) ANU Remodelling in phalanges of hands and feet
Graduated 2017 Coco James (Masters) ANU Femoral muscle markings and endo-cortex remodelling
Graduated 2017 Stephanie Robinson (Masters) ANU Chalcolithic Wedge Tombs and an Iron Age Burial
Graduated 2017 Bronwyn Wyatt (Masters) ANU Health and disease in prehistoric Indonesia
Graduated 2017 Claire Rider (Masters) ANU Hip joint pathology and lower limb skeletal adaptation
Graduated 2016 Natasha Langley (Masters) ANU The effects of experimental burning on pig enamel 
Graduated 2016 Ashley Bridge (Masters) ANU Stature in forensics using modern Australian data  
Graduated 2014 Rosie Pitfield (Masters) Co-supervisor, University of Kent Histomorphometry of the human humerus during ontogeny 


2017 Daisy Wang Policy position in science, Australian Academy of Science, Canberra
2017 Tegan Cassell Animals in research: A researcher's guideline to communication, Australian Academy of Science, Canberra

Smaller undergraduate and graduate projects

ANU 2016-2021:
Graduate Research Project in Archaeological and Evolutionary Science (Masters) - 11 students (C March, O Batbayar, A Isaac, B Campbell, A Backshall, M Walker, S McInnes, K Phillips, B Bayliss, T Stewart, A Beugelsdyk)
Supervised Research Project in Biological Anthropology (Undergradute) - 6 students (E Drew,  G Smith, B Taylor, J Tucker, M Walker, T Mann)

University of Kent 2013-2014:
Project in Anthropological Science (Undergraduate) - 13 students (5 co-supervised) (C Aris, C Audige-Soutter,  Yana Bezirganova, T Brah, P Fuente, C Sillett, S O’Byrney, K Warner, H Goman, C Icke, C Kilfoil, E Morgan, E Myles-Hook)


Projects and Grants

Grants information is drawn from ARIES. To add or update Projects or Grants information please contact your College Research Office.

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