Dr Wendy Merritt

Fellow, Fenner School of Environment and Society
College of Science

Areas of expertise

  • Environmental Management 050205
  • Decision Support And Group Support Systems 080605
  • Surfacewater Hydrology 040608
  • Natural Resource Management 050209
  • Environmental Science And Management 0502

Research interests

My research interests are natural resource assessment and modelling, focussing on using models to inform the management of land and water resources. I have considerable experience in the design and development of models and Decision Support Systems (DSS) within a participatory environment and have worked extensively and collaboratively with Commonwealth, State/Territory and local government agencies in Australia and also with researchers and consultants working across a range of disciplines (including ecologists, hydrologists, and social scientists).

Researcher's projects

Promoting socially inclusive and sustainable agricultural intensification in West Bengal and Bangladesh

Researchers from India, Bangladesh and Australia are working with NGOs and the private sector to understand the factors and risks influencing change, apply new evaluation tools and provide policy options to promote more socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable agricultural intensification in West Bengal (India) and Bangladesh. The SIAGI project is taking an interdisciplinary approach utilising social, institutional and biophysical research methods and spanning community to policy scales. The main research areas of the project are: social justice and livelihoods, markets for the poor and value chains, risk assessment, integrated modelling, NGO good practice and policy support.  Together with Dr Serena Hamilton from the Edith Cowan University, the ANU team are contributing to the development of integrated models to inform the design of agricultural intensification options that better support marginalised or vulnerable households. The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) has commissioned CSIRO to lead the project. Further details on the SIAGI project can be accessed from https://siagi.org/.


Murray Darling Basin Authority: Strategic Research Program

As part of a research partnership between the Murray Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) and the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training (NCGRT), researchers from the Fenner School, ANU, and Charles Sturt University are developing an integrated assessment framework to assist the MDBA in improving its understanding of the relationships between key external drivers (e.g. water policy, crop markets, climate variability) and Basin Plan objectives. The project is identifying surface water and groundwater complementary use opportunities available to the irrigation districts in the Campaspe River and Murrumbidgee River case studies and assessing their technical feasibility, adoptability, social acceptability and environmental impact. The current and intended on-farm water use efficiency (WUE) measures of irrigators is also being examined. An integrated model is being developed which will be used to identify the extent to which combinations of options (complementary uses and/or WUE measures) enable irrigators to meet existing policy requirements, and any environmental and farm viability trade-offs, under plausible scenarios of (e.g.) near-future climate.



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