Professor Ian McDougall

ANU College of Science
T: 02 6149 1881

Areas of expertise

  • Geochronology 040303
  • Stratigraphy (Incl. Biostratigraphy And Sequence Stratigraphy) 040311
  • Palaeontology (Incl. Palynology) 040308
  • Marine Geoscience 040305
  • Geomorphology And Regolith And Landscape Evolution 040601
  • Volcanology 040314
  • Isotope Geochemistry 040203
  • Igneous And Metamorphic Petrology 040304
  • Tectonics 040313
  • Archaeological Science 210102

Research interests

Isotope dating of rocks , mainly using the K/Ar system, including the variant, the 40Ar/39Ar technique. In a former life before I retired in the year 2000, I had considerable involvement in Noble Gas Geochemistry, but have had minimal contact since. Since retirement, I have kept up with writing up projects mainly related to my K/Ar dating studies (see publication list), together with acquiring some new data, mainly through the School of Earth Sciences, University of Queensland,where I have been appointed as a visiting Professor in addition to my appointment as a Visiting Fellow in RSES, ANU.     


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