Dr Andrew Mathieson

Prof Doc - Post Conflict Health reconstruction (Basra post -2003)
Fellow - ANU Medical School
College of Health & Medicine
T: +61 421134851

Areas of expertise

  • Environmental And Occupational Health And Safety 111705
  • Public Health And Health Services 1117
  • Preventive Medicine 111716
  • Public Health And Health Services Not Elsewhere Classified 111799

Research interests

Environmental health in the widest interpretation

Health Systems - monitoring and evaluation

Health communication / education / intervention based outcomers

Removing Technical Barriers to Trade and meeting Sanitary/Phyto-sanitary requirements

HACCP / food safety / compliance strategies and education

Focused on working in remote/challenging environments - Middle East, far east and Oceania.


An Honorary Professor of Public Health for Basra University (Medical School) and Visiting Fellow Australian National University (Medical School).  He is a Director of Environmental Health New South Wales and Australia.  He has worked as a consultant in Environmental Health and Public Health and has advised at government and inter-governmental level on environmental health (WASH, Food Safety, SPS, disaster recovery and resilience), education and training in the UK, Australia, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kenya, Malawi, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea. 

Dr Mathieson trained as an environmental health officer in Scotland in the late 1980’s and subsequently worked in Scotland, England and Wales before entering academia in 1997.  He has carried out the full range of academic duties including course development, accreditation, evaluation.  He has held a number of faculty appointments including course leader, course director, chair of examinations, deputy chair ethics and sat on both faculty and university boards including academic board. He emigrating to Australia with his family in 2011. 

He joined the UK Territorial Army in 1989 as an environmental health Officer.  Following specialist environmental health and public health training he served with 43 (Wessex) Brigade as a Staff Officer. Completing the junior staff course at Sandhurst – old staff college (top medical student) he served with 211 (Wessex) Field Hospital, 243 (Wessex) Field Hospital, 2 Medical Brigade and the Reserve Clinical faculty as the specialist environmental health advisor.  As a Reservist he has deployed too many austere and challenging areas of the world including Belgium, Luxemburg, Kenya, Malawi, Ukraine, Kuwait and Iraq.

He was the course director for a multi-professional, multi-national BSc in Environmental Health & Safety for over 10 years and undertook a full spectrum of teaching and supervision roles across the Faculty at the University of the West of England, (undergraduate to MSc) and was Chair of Environmental Health South West Committee for the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health from 2007 to 2011. He is a qualified lecturer and Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health, Fellow of Institute of Food Science and Technology and Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

In 2010 he became an EU appointed consultant for public health, SPS, monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) missions and has deployed to Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Jordan, Qatar, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Fiji, PNG and Vanuatu. He undertakes a number of consultancy roles within industry.

Conference papers 50+



Researcher's projects

Kenya               Technical Report on capacity building and compliance with EU Regulations (2012)

Tanzania           Training mission on EU Regs and export controls (2012)

Qatar                Technical Report on environmental contamination and munition disposal (2002)

Pakistan           Technical Report on improving hygiene in the fish sector (2008)

Technical report on capacity building – increasing the number of inspectors (2009)

Technical report on training food and fish inspectors (2009)

Technical report on accreditation and international recognition (2010)

Technical report on training design and implementation (2012)

Technical report on increasing food exports to new markets (2013)


 Training mission on EU Regs and export controls (2012)

Technical report on increasing food exports to new markets (2013)

Technical report on improving governance in food, agriculture and export (2014)

Technical report on design and training use of ‘teaching laboratory’ NFC (2016)

Fiji                   Technical report on fish exports to US & EU + capacity building/training (2014)

Iraq                  Technical report on health system reforms in Iraq + workshop & visits (2015)

Vanuatu            Technical report on how EU can better support Pacific Countries over next 5 years

Iraq                  Future mission to review ‘decentralisation, de-concentration and devolution’ (2016)

Afghanistan       Monitoring report for EU on two health/ health systems projects (2016)

                        Monitoring report for EU on NGO and Ministry of Health projects (2016)

Jordan/Iraq       Monitoring report for EU on NGO and Ministry of Health projects (2018)


Available student projects

review of third world health systems ...

rural health ...

environmental health ... 

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