Dr Vicki Luker

BA Hons (Melb.); BA Hons and medal (Sydney); PhD (ANU)
Executive Editor, The Journal of Pacific History; Lecturer, Pacific and Asian History, CHL, CAP
College of Asia & the Pacific
T: +61 2 61253145

Areas of expertise

  • Culture, Gender, Sexuality 200205
  • Studies Of Pacific Peoples' Societies 169905
  • Gender Specific Studies 169901
  • Pacific History (Excl. New Zealand And Maori) 210313
  • Maori History 210309
  • Postcolonial Studies 200211
  • Historical Studies 2103


I work for The Journal of Pacific History and lecture in Pacific and Asian History in the School of Culture, History and Language within the College of Asia and the Pacific at the Australian National University.

The history of health and current developments in health  - globally and in the region - animate much of my research. But my interests, I must admit, are broad: the history of the family, religious change, historiography, and cultures of reading, writing and pedagogy are some.

With colleagues I currently teach two courses 'Australia in Oceania' and 'War in the Islands', and learn a great deal from students at all levels - and also from a graduate certficate in higher education that I have just about completed.

The Journal of Pacific History, which I have had the honour to serve for the past decade, is the only journal in existence dedicated to the study of Pacific Islands pasts. Our authors come from a range of disciplines and backgrounds, and everything they write educates me!




Researcher's projects

Polygamy and health. I am currently working on the abolition of polygamy in colonial Fiji and the effects of different marital regimes on family health.

Leprosy in the Pacific. A collection coedited with Jane Buckingham, entitled 'Leprosy in the Pacific', is expected to be published this year.

Pedagogy: reading, writing, visualising, thinking. Under this broad rubric, several projects relating to teaching are underway, including 'Australia in Oceania'. taught with colleagues Paul D'Arcy and Chris Ballard, which endeavours to visualise Australia's place in the region through 'maps' broadly defined, and a proposed new course 'Publish that Paper', based on successful pilots.


Current student projects

Lindsay Cameron, 'The Convergence of British and American Methodism in the South Pacific', chair of PhD committee

Nicholas Halter, '"To see with their own eyes": Australian travel writing on the Pacific Islands c. 1880-1941', supervisor on PhD committee

Justine MacCormick, 'Art, diaspora and identity', supervised project in Pacific and Asia Pacific Studies for MAPS program


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