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The Australian National University

Dr Adrian Lowe

PhD (Cambridge) 1992
Senior Lecturer
ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science
T: +61 2 6125 4881

Areas of expertise

  • Ceramics 091201
  • Composite And Hybrid Materials 091202
  • Colloid And Surface Chemistry 030603
  • Flexible Manufacturing Systems 091002
  • Electrochemistry 030604
  • Polymers And Plastics 091209
  • Chemical Engineering 0904
  • Materials Engineering 0912
  • Interdisciplinary Engineering 0915
  • Nanotechnology 1007
  • Other Education 1399

Research interests

Nanostructured functional ceramic oxides for efficient energy technologies
In particular - the development of manganese and zirconium oxide nanofibres for energy storage applications; calcium cobaltite nanofibres for thermoelectric applications and titania nanofibres for solar cell and water purification applications.

Research students can get the opportunity to study for significant periods in Singapore under the ANU-ARAP PhD agreement managed by A*STAR


 Having obtained a bachelor’s degree from the University of London, he spent 5 happy alcohol-fuelled years at Cambridge completing a PhD into the failure mechanisms of carbon fibre-epoxy aerospace composites in partnership with Rolls Royce under the supervision of Prof. Derek Hull. In 1992 he left for a post-doc position at Sydney University working in Prof. Yiu-Wing Mai’s research group on fatigue of adhesive bonds with DSTO and on the development of novel contact lens material with EYECON. In 1995 he took up a lecturing position at the ANU in the Department of Engineering to work on toughened polymer composite systems. After a break of several years during which time he managed the engineering educational portfolio, he changed research direction and concentrated on the development of nanostructured functional ceramics alongside long-standing collaborators at the Faculty of Engineering at the National University of Singapore.

Recent years has seen international collaborations grow across the region – in particular A*STAR, Malaysia and Brunei. These collaborations have focused on thermoelectric nanomaterials, energy storage nano-oxides and other functional electroceramics, as well as the development of nanostructured functional oxides through electrochemical treatment of scrap metal.

Researcher's projects

The following research projects represent current and future research activity in the ANU Energy Nanomaterials Group. Of course - feel free to suggest other collaborative avenues!


  • Electrospun Vanadia for Energy Applications
  • Thermoelectric Material Development using Liquid-State Ceramic Processing Technologies
  • Nanostructured Cobaltites as Battery Electrode Materials
  • Enhanced Energy Storage Materials Using Carbon Alloying Techniques
  • Production of Nanoporous Oxides from Scrap Metal
  • High Performance Dielectric Materials Based on Nanostructured Zirconia and Titania


All these projects are available for students ranging from PhD level down to undergraduate project level


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