Professor Celeste Linde

ANU College of Science

Areas of expertise

  • Speciation And Extinction 060311
  • Plant Pathology 060704
  • Biogeography And Phylogeography 060302
  • Phylogeny And Comparative Analysis 060309
  • Microbial Genetics 060503
  • Molecular Evolution 060409
  • Population, Ecological And Evolutionary Genetics 060411
  • Host Parasite Interactions 060307
  • Genetics 0604
  • Microbiology 0605
  • Plant Biology 0607

Researcher's projects

1. Mycorrhizal interactions and speciation in orchids

2. Genetics and cultivation of Perigord truffles

3. Plant-pathogen interactions in cereals



Available student projects

Honours project on fungal disease interactions


Fungal pathogens have large population sizes and high evolutionary potential, making them fascinating organisms in which to study genetic adaptation and epidemiological processes. They also pose a major threat to plant health and food security, making them economically important.

We are looking for an honours student to work on plant-host pathogen interactions, focusing either on ascochyta blight of chickpea or blackleg disease of canola. A stipend of $7000 is available for the right student.

There are many possible areas for a student to choose a project from, depending on interest. Students can undertake projects with a focus on population genomics, epidemiology, phenotyping, microbial community ecology, quantitative genetics, field pathology or biocontrol. The final choice will depend on your area of interest and expertise. The main criterion for selection is a passion for questions in evolutionary biology, disease epidemiology, plant pathology and genetics.

For information on work taking place at CSIRO in this space (including publications), head to: Otherwise, for more details or to make an application, contact Luke Barrett (CSIRO):, or Celeste Linde (ANU):





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