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The Australian National University

Dr Tim Legrand

BA (Hons), MA, PhD
Lecturer, National Security College
ANU College of Asia and the Pacific
T: 02 6125 6483

Areas of expertise

  • Criminology 1602
  • International Relations 160607
  • Policy And Administration 1605
  • Political Science 1606

Research interests

Dr Legrand's interdisciplinary research concerns the structures, agents and processes of international relations and public administration. His work draws on, and contributes to criminology, law, international relations, security studies and public policy around several research streams:

  • The governance of policing and national security
  • International policy transfer
  • Evidence-based policy-making
  • Transgovernmental policy networks in policing and security
  • Emergency policy and crisis management.

These research interests are coalesced by a common emphasis on the emergence of transnational challenges to the state. Specifically, this work explores the the question of how public policy officials understand and manage the dynamics of cross-border governance dilemmas induced by growing interdependence on the one hand, and internationalising threats on the other.

His research has been published in leading international journals, including Public Administration, Review of International Studies, Policy StudiesBritish PoliticsEuropean Political Science, the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis and the Australian Journal of Forensic Sciences. He is the co-editor (with Professor Allan McConnell) of Emergency Policy (Ashgate, 2012); the co-author (with Saskia Hufnagel) of Extreme Events: Legal and Policy Challenges in Managing Crises (Ashgate, forthcoming) and has contributed a number of chapters to edited collections. 




Dr Legrand received his PhD in Political Science from the University of Birmingham in 2008. He joined the ANU in February 2012, and the National Security College in May 2014. Prior to joining the National Security College, he was a Research Fellow at the ARC Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security at Griffith University (2010-12) and the ANU (2012-). He has also held visiting research fellowships at the Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po), Johns Hopkins University and The University of Stockholm. 

In Australia, he regularly presents his research on the governance of security (aviation, maritime and critical infrastructure protection) to the Commonwealth and State governments and he has provided public submissions to the Independent National Security Legislation Monitor and the Queensland Parliament on counter-terrorism and security legislation. 

Through the Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis (Uni. of Canberra), he has also delivered advanced training in Public Policy, Public Administration and Public Sector Management to Commonwealth and ACT government officials. In the United Kingdom, Tim has worked as a policy consultant for the Home Office, the Ministry of Justice, the Department of Health and the Department for Communities and Local Government. 

Dr Legrand currently holds adjunct positions as Associate Professor at the Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis at the University of Canberra and Research Fellow at Griffith University.

Researcher's projects

  • Cyber-terrorism and Cyber-security
  • The proscription of terrorist organisations in Australia and the UK
  • Transgovernmental elite networks of the Anglosphere
  • Measuring the effectiveness of counter-terrorism instruments
  • Global systems of crisis management and emergency policy

Current student projects

PhD supervision (primary)

Yasmin Hassen: 'The Aid and Terrorism Nexus: Somalia as a Case Study'

Sylvia Laksmi: 'The impact of Indonesian Counter-terrorist financing policy on the social network of terrorist financing'

Michael Maloney : “Transnational people smuggling and Australian Border Protection’

Jamie Storrie: “A study of organisation and leadership for the management of extreme events”

Ben Zweibelson: “Comprehensive Understanding: Applying Sociology and Organizational Theory to Military Studies and Sensemaking- a Critique of Anglo-Saxon Militaries and Foreign Policy Approaches”

PhD supervision (as supervisory panel member)

 Teneille Elliott (Completion 2017): “Developing an evidence-based evaluation framework to assess the effectiveness of Australia’s counter-terrorism policies and programs"

Andrea Soriano (Completion 2017): “Australia’s strategic relations with Portuguese Timor: a historical analysis of their interactions during the Second World War period.”

James Mortensen: (Full-time: Completion 2018): ‘The Securitization of Religion: its Value and Validity’

MPhil Supervision

Lisa Buffinton: Revealing industry consultants’ “scientific” critiques concerning alcohol harm research in regulatory proceedings.

Past student projects

PhD Supervision completions 

Shannon Ford (2017): Security Institutions, Use of Force and the State: A Moral Framework (PhD Supervisor)

Sekti Widihartanto (2013): Indonesia’s high wealth individual (HWI) unit: Is it an example of policy slippage in the transfer of principles and mechanisms? (PhD panel)

MBBS Supervision

Rebecca Matthews, (2013) 'Risk-Based Licencing and Alcohol-Related Offences in the ACT': 


Lauren O'Rourke (2013), 'The impact of alcohol-related violence on Canberra's health services'.


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