Professor Gregory Lane

Bachelor of Science (Hon I, ANU), Doctor of Philosophy (ANU)
College of Science

Areas of expertise

  • Nuclear Physics 020202

Research interests

Primary field of research:  

Structure of nuclei far from stability populated using unusual reaction methods and investigated using time-correlated gamma-ray and electron spectroscopy.

Selected specific investigations:

  • Use of deep-inelastic reactions to populate neutron-rich nuclei in the mass 170-190 region and observe long-lived nuclear states and their decay.  The primary goal is to understand changes in collectivity as evidenced by the nature of K-isomers in these nuclei.
  • Probing the scope of the applicability of the nuclear shell model to the region of nucleu around doubly-magic 208Pb.
  • Development of a recoil spectrometer at the ANU to be used for the electron and gamma-ray spectroscopy of long-lived nuclear states that can only be weakly populated in heavy-ion, fusion reactions.  The initial application will be the study of nuclear shape coexistence in the neutron-deficient lead/mercury region.
  • Structure of neutron-rich nuclei available from the CARIBU radioactive beam facility.  In particular, Total Absorption Gamma-ray Spectroscopy investigations of specific nuclei that are important for our understanding of the decay heat in spent fuel from nuclear reactors. 


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