Professor Kenneth Lampl

D.M.A. The Juilliard School of Music, M.A. Rutgers University, Diploma the American Conservatory in Fontainebleau
Composition Convenor
ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences

Areas of expertise

  • Music Composition 190406
  • Film, Television And Digital Media 1902
  • Music Performance 190407

Research interests


Film Scoring (Feature Films) 

  • Dreamland, directed by John Young, Novo Novus Productions, 2016
  • Journey into Europe, directed by Akbar Ahmed, American University Films, 2015
  • Unnerved, directed by Gary King, Kitchen Table Films, 2015
  • Dark, directed by Nick Basile, ADIUVO Productions, 2015
  • Frontera, directed by Michael Berry, Magnolia Pictures, 2014
  • Snapshot, directed by Eric Etebari, JFA Productions 2014
  • Amka and the Three Golden Rules, directed by Babar Ahmed, 2014
  • Awakened, directed by Joyceln Engle, Supernova Media, 2013
  • Bad Luck Dandelion, directed by Gary King, 2013
  • Scavenger Killers, directed by Dylan Bank, JFA Productions 2013
  • Bee People, directed by David Knappe, 2012
  • Torture Chamber, directed by Dante Tomaselli, Lionsgate Films 2012
  • Remnants, directed by Tim Szczesniak, HBO PPV 2012
  • The Prosecution of an American President, directed by David Hagen, Lost Soldier Films 2012
  • My Life as Abraham Lincoln, directed by Shari Berman, Brooklyn Film Festival 2012
  • How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song, directed by Gary King, Phoenix Film Festival 2012
  • The Under Shepherd, directed by Russ Parr, American Black Film Festival 2012
  • The Life Zone, directed by Rod Weber, HBO PPV, Hoboken Film Festival 2011
  • The Great Fight, directed by Sherri Kauk, HBO PPV, Hoboken Film Festival 2011
  • Attack of the Alien Jelly Monsters, directed by Justin Soponis, Horrorfind Film Festival 2011
  • Hollywood Whores, directed by Adam Schlachter, NY Latino Film Festival 2011
  • The One, directed by Caytha Jentis, Foxmeadow Productions 2011
  • 35 & Ticking, directed by Russ Parr, Image Entertainment 2011
  • Death of the Dead, directed by Gary King, HBO PPV, Horrorfind 2011
  • Sid’s Paralysis, directed by Babar Ahmed, NY Film Festival 2011
  • What’s Up Lovely, directed by Gary King, 2010
  • Dismal, directed by Gary King, HBO PPV, Horrorfind 2009
  • Journey to America, directed by Craig Considine, 2009
  • Rivers Wash Over Me, Directed by John Young, LGBT Film Festival2009
  • Ninja’s Creed, directed by Babar Ahmed, Lionsgate Films 2009
  • Winter of Frozen Dreams, directed by Eric Mandelbaum, Lifetime Network 2009
  • Savage, directed by Jordan Blum, HBO PPV, Horrorfind 2009
  • Kandisha, directed by Jerome Cohen-Olivar, Palm Springs Film Festival 2008
  • Satan’s Playground, directed by Dante Tomaselli, Anchor Bay Films 2006

Film Scoring (Short Films)

  • Second Chance, directed by Tom Wardach, 2015
  • Burning Down, directed by Tom Wardach, 2015
  • Agent of Death, directed by Gary King, 2015
  • Compromised, directed by Tom Wardach, 2014
  • Now I Have To, directed by Will Triplett, 2014
  • Enhanced, directed by Jeremy White, 2014
  • Prison Web, directed by Jo Allen, 2014
  • Princess and Grace, directed by Tyler Wirtanen, 2014
  • Portraits, directed by Kenhalo Bernett-Milan, 2012
  • Living, directed by Kenhalo Bernett-Milan, 2012
  • Night and Day, directed by Tom Wardach, LA Film Festival 2012
  • Entwine, directed by Ray Yeung, 2012
  • The Kids Don’t Like It, directed by Jeremy White, 2011
  • Dreamhouse, directed by Darien Sills-Evans, 2010
  • Left and Gone, directed by Jeremy White, 2010
  • Struggle, directed by Pradeep Paga, 2009
  • Abbie Cancelled, directed by Jessica Burstein, Sundance Film Festival 2008
  • Benji and Mitzi, directed by David Cohen, Washington Film Festival 2009
  • Sundance Celebrity Swag Hunt, directed by Poull Brien, NY Media Festival 2008
  • Spacescraper, directed by Ben Tomlin, 2008
  • Simon and Eve, directed by Brian Sizensky, SVA Film Festival 2007
  • The Way Down, directed by Justin Francis, NYU First Run Festival 2005
  • Someday Soldiers, directed by Micah Kohler, 2004
  • Empty, directed by Mica Herman, Sundance Channel 2001
  • Jet Lag, directed by Rolf Gibbs, Berlin Film Festival 2001
  • Stefan’s Magic Bell, directed by Sam Zalutsky, NYU First Run Festival 2001
  • Six Miles of Eight Feet, directed by Ben Tomlin, Sundance Film Festival 2000
  • Believe, directed by Aaron Saidman, SCI FI Channel 2000
  • Taino, directed by Edwin Figueroa, New York Latino Film Festival 2000
  • Jackson Down, directed by Caroline Neil, NYU First Run Festival 2000
  • Physical Pain, directed by Laurie Collier, NYU First Run Festival 1999 

Film Scoring (Theatrical Trailer Music)

  • The Sentinel, directed by Clarke Johnson, 20th Century Fox, 2006


  • Secrets She Kept, directed by Alton Glass, TV One, 2016
  • Saints and Sinners, season one, TV One, 2016
  • Born Again Virgin, season one, TV One, 2015-2016
  • Fear Files, directed by Russ Parr, TV One, 2015
  • For the Love of Lockwood 2, directed by Russ Parr, TV One, 2015
  • Friday Night Files, directed by Russ Parr, TV One, 2014
  • Comeback Dad, directed by Russ Parr, GMC Network, 2014
  • Hear no Evil, directed by Russ Parr, GMC Network, 2014
  • A Christmas Blessing, directed by Russ Parr, GMC Network, 2013
  • Teachers, directed by Gary Wheeler, GMC Network, 2013
  • The Perfect Summer, directed by Gary Wheeler, GMC Network, 2013
  • Somebody’s Child, directed by Gary Wheeler, GMC Network 2012
  • A Cross to Bear, directed by Tandria Potts, GMC Network 2012


  • Dark, Dark Woods, directed by Emile Gignouix, 2016
  • Whale Heart, directed by Robert Allen, 2016
  • Mellem Vaeggene, directed by Sara Holm, 2015
  • Political Earth, directed by Scooter Downey, 2013
  • Pokémon: Mewtwo Returns, Warner Bros., 2000
  • Pokémon: The First Movie, Warner Bros., 1998

Video Game Music and Trailers

  • Hasbro, MechWarrior 3, 1998
  • Hasbro, MechWarrior 3, Theatrical and Television Trailer, 1998
  • Hasbro, Pong, Television Trailer, 1999
  • Hasbro, Tonka Joe, Television Trailer 1998


Kenneth Lampl received his D.M.A. in composition from the Juilliard School of Music, studying with Milton Babbitt and John Corigliano. His first international recognition came with the winning of the Prix Ravel in composition at the American Conservatory in Fontainebleau, France. Many awards soon followed including the Joseph H. Bearns Prize from Columbia University, nine ASCAP Concert Music Awards, three New Jersey State Council for the Arts Fellowships, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra Awards to Young Composers, three ASCAP Awards to Young Composers, the ASCAP Raymond Hubble Fellowship, the Gretchanov Memorial Prize in Composition from the Juilliard School and fellowships from the foundations of Henry Mancini, George Gershwin, and Richard Rogers. With over twenty symphonic compositions to date, his music has been performed by such musical organizations as the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, the Kansas City Symphony, the Tanglewood Festival Orchestra, the Delaware Symphony, the Greenville Symphony, the Juilliard Orchestra, the Jupiter Symphony and the Absolute Ensemble.

His introduction to the world of film scoring came in 1997 with a fellowship to the Tanglewood Music Festival where he had the opportunity to study composition and conducting with John Williams.  As a composer of film music Kenneth Lampl has scored over 70 films including: Frontera (starring Ed Harris and Eva Longoria), 35 & Ticking (starring Kevin Hart and Nicole Ari-Parker), Ninja’s Creed (starring Pat Morita and Eric Roberts), Kandisha (starring David Carradine and Hiam Abbas) and Winter of Frozen Dreams (starring Thora Birch and Keith Carradine).  Lampl also composed additional music for Pokemon: The First Movie: Mew vs Mew Two, Pokemon Mewtwo Returns as well as music for the television series “Born Again Virgin” and “Saints and Sinners”.

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