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The Australian National University

Dr Anton Killin

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences

Research interests

Philosophy of music, evolution of music, ethnomusicology, philosophy of biology, philosophy of cognition, philosophy of language, theories of protolanguage, philosophy of art and aesthetics, philosophy of archaeology and palaeoanthropology


I am a postdoctoral research fellow in the School of Philosophy and Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language at ANU, and a visiting postdoctoral associate at Florida International University. My current research investigates the evolution of music and language, and the intersection between philosophy, archaeology and palaeoanthropology.

I hold a PhD in philosophy from Victoria University of Wellington and MMus from New Zealand School of Music. 



Selected Publications

  • Music and human evolution: philosophical aspects. In R Joyce (ed) Routledge Handbook of Evolution & Philosophy, 2018, 372-386
  • Not music, but musics [with Adrian Currie]. Estetika: Central European Journal of Aesthetics, 2017, 54(2) 151-174
  • Plio-Pleistocene foundations of hominin musicality: coevolution of cognition, sociality, and music. Biological Theory, 2017, 12(4) 222-235
  • Fictionalism about musical works. Canadian Journal of Philosophy, 2017, 10.1080/00455091.2017.1357993
  • Analyzing antiqueness: a response to Curtis and Baines. Journal of Aesthetics & Art Criticism, 2017, 75(2) 195-197
  • Rethinking music’s status as adaptation versus technology: a niche construction perspective. Ethnomusicology Forum, 2016, 25(2) 210-233
  • Musicality and the evolution of mind, mimesis, and entrainment. Biology & Philosophy, 2016, 31(3) 421-434
  • Musical pluralism and the science of music [with Adrian Currie]. European Journal for Philosophy of Science, 2016, 6(1) 9-30
  • Works, authors, co-authorship, and power: a response to Hick. Journal of Aesthetics & Art Criticism, 2015, 73(3) 334-337
  • Musicality in human evolution, archaeology, and ethnography. Biology & Philosophy, 2014, 29(4) 597-609
  • The arts and human nature: evolutionary aesthetics and the evolutionary status of art behaviours. Biology & Philosophy, 2013, 28(4) 703-718

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