Associate Professor Paul K. Jones

BA (Hons) Syd., MA (Cultural Studies) Birm, UK, PhD (Philosophy) Syd.
Reader, Sociology
College Arts & Social Sciences

Areas of expertise

  • Sociology 1608
  • Other Studies In Human Society 1699

Research interests

Demagogic Populism and the fate of the public sphere; cultural sociology; media sociology; critical theory; social theory


Paul Jones works at the intersection of sociology, critical theory and political communication.  He has published widely on the relations between media policy, political communication and the public sphere in Australia and increasingly within the international comparative 'media systems'.  He has held ARC grants and/or participated in local and international research teams in this area.  He is also an authority on the work of Raymond Williams and well-published in cultural sociology.  He was an executive board member of The International Sociological Association's Sociological Theory research committee 2006 - 2014.  He has been a Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics (Sociology & Media and Communications separately). the University of Cambridge (Sociology), the University of California, Berkeley (History) and the Yale Center for Cultural Sociology.  Paul Jones came to ANU in 2016 from Sociology at UNSW, Australia.

Researcher's projects

His Critical Theory and Demagogic Populism (Manchester University Press) is currently in press and due for publication November 2020.

Related articles and chapters:

Jones, P.K. (forthcoming 2021) 'Márkus and the Retrieval of the Sociological Adorno’. Thesis Eleven: a journal of critical theory and historical sociology.

Jones, P.K. (forthcoming 2021) ‘Gramsci and a Critical Sociology of Demagogic Populism’. The Companion to Gramsci. Ed. D. Riley and M. Santoro. Anthem Press.

Jones, P. K. 2019. 'Insights from the infamous: Recovering the social-theoretical first phase of populism studies'. European Journal of Social Theory, 22, 458-476.

Jones, P. K. 2016. 'Demagogic Populism and US Culture Industries: A long tradition'. Australasian Journal of American Studies, 35, 11-28.

Past student projects

(all UNSW)

PhD: Edwina Throsby (2018) The Deciders are Undecided: undecided voters, election campaigns, political media, and democracy in Australia (joint supervision)

PhD: Ele Jansen (2015) Misfit Lifestyles: Institutionalizing Collaboration And Play Among Creative Storytelling Collectives.

 PhD: Cynthia Fernandez Roich (2014): Argentina: from fragility to stability:
Print media and crime coverage during the 1990s.
(Joint supervision) (Published by Palgrave Macmillan)

 PhD: Christyana Bambaccas (2014): White Wedding Culture

 PhD: Tomoki Wakatsuki (2013): Haruki Murakami  and Cosmopolitan Japanese Identity.(under publisher contract)

 PhD: Laura Fisher (2012) Hope, Ethics & Disenchantment: a critical sociological inquiry into the Aboriginal art phenomenon  (shortlisted for Faculty best thesis prize; published by Anthem Press)

 Phd: (Professor) Chris Nash (2011) Communication Struggles in the Construction of Sydney as a Global City, 1983-2008

 PhD: Neil Huthnance (2006) Creativity In The Bioglobal Age: Sociological Prospects From Seriality To Contingency (shortlisted for Faculty best thesis prize)

 PhD: Hughson, John. (1996) A Feel for the Game: an ethnographic study of soccer support and social identity.

MA Honours/Research (by thesis):

 Fox, Catherine (1992) Media Segmentation in the Australian Women’s Magazine Sector

 Theen, Teresa (1992) Global Village or Global Ghetto? Singapore and the New World Information Order.


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