Dr Elizabeth Jackson

PhD, Philosophy, Notre Dame
Research Fellow, School of Philosophy
ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences

Areas of expertise

  • Epistemology 220304
  • Philosophy Of Religion 220315
  • Decision Theory 220302

Research interests

My primary research is in epistemology, much of it falling at the intersection between formal and traditional epistemology. Recently, my research has focused on the relationship between belief and credence. I defend and explore implications of dualism about belief and credence. Dualism is the view that we have both beliefs and credences, and neither attitude is reducible to the other. My interests in epistemology also include epistemic permissivism, pragmatic and moral encroachment, and other issues in social epistemology.

My secondary research interests are in philosophy of mind, specifically the nature of belief, and philosophy of religion, specifically Pascal’s Wager and the nature of faith. I have further interest in decision theory, ethics and normativity, and metaphysics.


I’m a Research Fellow in the School of Philosophy, a part of the Australian Research Council project on Ethics & Risk, with Seth Lazar, Alan Hájek, Lara Buchak, Philip Pettit, Frank Jackson, and Katie Steele. Fall 2020, I will join the Department of Philosophy at Ryerson University as an Assistant Professor.

I received my Ph.D. from the Department of Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame. My dissertation, “Belief and Credence: A Defense of Dualism,” was written under the supervision of Robert Audi and Ted Warfield.  I completed my BA in philosophy at Kansas State University.

Researcher's projects

1. The Relationship Between Belief and Credence

2. The Nature of Evidence; The Relationship Between Evidence and Epistemic Rationality

3. Belief and Action; Practical vs. Epistemic Rationality

4. The Nature of Faith; Whether Faith Can Go Beyond the Evidence and Still Be Rational

5. Decision Theory and The Practical Rationality of Commitment

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