Professor Trevor Ireland

College of Science
T: +61 2 6125 5172

Areas of expertise

  • Geochronology 040303
  • Isotope Geochemistry 040203
  • Stellar Astronomy And Planetary Systems 020110
  • Planetary Science (Excl. Extraterrestrial Geology) 020108
  • Geochemistry 0402

Research interests

SHRIMP Ion microprobe analysis of terrestrial and extraterrestrial materials

Geochronology of Gondwana, particularly New Zealand, Antarctica, Australia

Trace element geochemistry

Sulfur isotope geochemistry

Isotope systematics of refractory inclusions in primitive meteorites

Origin and evolution of the solar nebula

Hayabusa and Osiris-REx Asteroid Sample Return Missions


BSc(Hons) in Geology and Physics from Otago University (NZ) [1981]

PhD in Isotope Geochemistry from ANU [1987]

Post Docs in Washington University in St Louis; Max-Planck Institut für Geochemistry, Mainz

QEII Fellow (ANU) [1990]

Resrach Fellow (ANU) [1994]

Asst Professor, Stanford University [1997]

Assoc. Professor (ANU) [2000]

Professor, ANU [2008]

Researcher's projects

Analysis of water in nominally anhydrous minerals

Triple O isotope analysis of meteoritic materials (including refractory inclusions, chondrules, Mars meteorites).

S isotopes in Archean rocks, microbial fractionations



Available student projects

Chemistry and isotope systematics in early solar system materials including presolar grains

S isotopes in sulfide minerals as recorders of consitions throughout Earth history

Analysis of water in meteoritic and terrestrial materials



Projects and Grants

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