Dr Solene Inceoglu

PhD in Second Language Studies (Michigan State University)
Senior Lecturer in French
ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences

Areas of expertise

  • Applied Linguistics And Educational Linguistics 200401
  • Linguistic Processes (Incl. Speech Production And Comprehension) 170204
  • French Language 200306
  • English As A Second Language 470306
  • Linguistics 2004

Research interests

  • L2 Speech Perception and Production,
  • Audiovisual Speech Perception (incl. gesture),
  • L2 Pronunciation Learning and Teaching (incl. Automatic Speech Recognition and CALL),
  • Individual Differences in L2 speech perception/production (e.g., PSTM and WM)


I hold a PhD in Second Language Studies from Michigan State University (USA), two M.A degrees in Applied Linguistics and French as a Foreign Language from the Universty of Grenoble-Alpes (France) and a B.A in English from the University of Tours (France). Before joining the ANU in 2016, I was Assistant Professor of French Linguistics at Rochester Institute of Technology (New York), and taught Second Language Acquisition, Methodology of Teaching Languages, and French at Michigan State University. In addition to French and English, I speak German and I am a heritage learner of Turkish. 

My research has been published in top-tier journals, such as the Modern Language Journal, Applied Psycholinguistics, the Journal of Second Language Pronunciation, Language and Speech, Language Awareness, ReCALL, the Journal of Asia TEFL, the Canadian Modern Language Review, and Studies in Second Language Research and Teaching. I am on the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Second Language Pronunciation and the Australian Review of Applied Linguistics.

At the ANU, I convene Introductory French I and II and The Sounds of French: Phonetics and Pronunciation, in addition to teaching advanced topics such as The French Language in Space and Time. I am the Second Language Acquisition stream leader in the Speech and Language Lab and I supervise students in both applied linguistics and French. 

I am Vice President of the Applied Linguistics Association of Australia, a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and the recipient of multiple teaching awards: a national Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT) Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning (2019), an ANU Vice-Chancellor's Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning (2019), a College of Arts and Social Sciences Award for a Program that Enhances Learning (2022), and an ANU Vice-Chancellor's Award for a Program that Enhances Learning (2023).

Researcher's projects


  • 2019 CASS Teaching and Learning Fellowship to create a speech perception training mobile app to enhance student second language speech perception [$10,000] (with Drs T. Nurmikko-Fuller, B. Pereira Nunes and B. Swift)
  • 2018 ANU Teaching Enhancement Grant to create online video resources for languages education [$2,200] (with Drs M. Delicado and J. Brown)
  • 2016 CASS Research Development Grant  to investigate cognitive individual differences in second language acquisition (esp. working memory and phonological short-term memory) [AU$3,000]

Forthcoming publications:

  • Inceoglu, S. (2022). Developing pronunciation learner autonomy with Automatic Speech Recognition and shadowing. In S. McCrocklin (Ed.) Technological resources for second language pronunciation learning and teaching: Research-based approaches (pp. 171-192). Lexington Books
  • Inceoglu, S. & Ueda, R. (in press). The effectiveness of hand gestures on the development of L2 French pronunciation. In A. Brown & S.W. Eskildsen (Eds.) Multimodality and Multilingual Interaction Across Epistemologies. Routledge.
  • Inceoglu, S. (accepted). French - Issues in Applied Phonology, Phonetics, and Pronunciation. The Encyclopedia of Applies Linguistics (2nd ed.). Wiley. 

Publications under review:

  • Brown, J., Delicado Cantero, M., & Inceoglu, S. (under review). Transitioning to university: Online video resources for language students. LCNAU Studies in Languages and Cultures. Canberra: ANU Press.

Current projects / projects in preparation:

  • Automatic Speech Recognition in L1 and L2 French
  • Gesture and pronunciation learning
  • Perceptual confusability of L2 French vowels

Available student projects

I currently only welcome proposals for Honours, MPhil, and PhD research in the areas listed in the Research Interests section above. 

Current student projects

  • Interactive Effects of Perception and Production Training on L2 Phonetic Acquisition (Ruri Ueda, Primary Supervisor, 2020-)
  • Understanding the cognitive processes in sight translation (Shuyu Zhang, Associate Supervisor, 2019-)

Past student projects

  • Maximising Confidence: A grounded theory on Student Engagement to Speak (SEtS) in a language class (Eleonora Quijada Cervoni - PhD, 2022)
  • Exploring teacher perceptions of assessment in languages: The French Language Progression Framework K-10 (Camille Booker - Mphil, 2022)
  • Effectiveness of computer-aided visual feedback on the acquisition of Japanese intonation by foreign language learners (Kai Bakker - Honours, 2021)
  • The effects of different types of audiovisual feedback on Anglophone acquisition of French nasal vowels  (Alice McMillan - Honours, 2019)
  • “Pardon my Québécois!” The use of religious profanitiesby Québécois youth and its role in Québécois society (Alana Cunningham, co-supervision, Honours, 2016)


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