Dr Xia Hua

Ph. D., Stony Brook University
College of Science
T: +61 2 6125 9773

Areas of expertise

  • Biological Mathematics 010202
  • Biostatistics 010402

Research interests

I am interested in the fundamental rules of evolutionary processes, using biological evolution and language evolution as two study systems. Current research question is how changes at population level build up to patterns observed among lineages. This question links population genetics and phylogenetics, and links social linguistics and historical linguistics. 

Researcher's projects

  • DE19: Developing methods to link microevolutionary rate to macroevolutionary pattern: understanding how fixation of mutations at population level leads to genetic distinctiveness among species and how the generation of new species leads to observed patterns in biodiversity over long timescale.
  • DP19: Developing the fourth generation of methods for molecular dating: use allometry to inform variation in the rate of molecular evolution across lineages.
  • Pilot study for DP21: Developing methods to simultaneously infer niche evolution and ancestral species distribution. 

Available student projects

  • Birth-death process with stochastic birth rate: model speciation and extinction events in history, while allowing speciation rate to vary stochastically over time and accouting for unresolved placements of fossils on phylogeny.
  • Coalescent process: model hybridization and dispersal in a species complex using calescent network and graft the inferred network to the phylogenetic relationships among species complexes.
  • Heterogeneous continuous-time random walks: model species dispersal over heterogeneous landscape, while allowing species niche to evolve. 


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