Dr Katherine Hannan

Team Leader
College of Health & Medicine

Areas of expertise

  • Biochemistry And Cell Biology 0601
  • Signal Transduction 060111
  • Cell Development, Proliferation And Death 060103
  • Oncology And Carcinogenesis 1112
  • Cancer Therapy (Excl. Chemotherapy And Radiation Therapy) 111204

Research interests

Signal Transduction

Ribosomal Biogenesis

RNA polymerase I transcription





Protein translation as a target for cancer therapy.

One of the classic hallmarks of cancer is elevated protein translation, while once this was regarded as a housekeeping process it is now accepted as a boni vide target for cancer therapy. In light of this development understanding how dysregulation of translation is mediated and contributes to malignant transformation and/or acquired resistance to cancer therapies has become a very important area of research.

Our laboratory is investigating the modulation of protein translation in malignant transformation using a number of cancer models, the range of which is significantly enhanced by our collaborations. Moreover as an extension of our recent work in this area we are in collaboration with Pimera Inc to develop 2nd generation RNA Polymerase I inhibitors as therapies for cancer. Our goal is to improve upon the first generation Pol I inhibitor CX-5461, with respect to potency, bio distribute, in particular to develop compounds that cross the blood brain barrier. Our lab is evaluating our lead 2nd generation inhibitor and others compounds, to determine its mechanism of action and importantly performing the preclinical evaluation, in order to move these into phase 1 clinical trials, initially for hematologic malignancies.  



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