Dr Peter Hairsine

Bachelor of Engineering and PhD
Honorary Fellow
ANU College of Science
T: 0417670617

Areas of expertise

  • Pollution And Contamination 4105
  • Hydrology 3707
  • Surface Water Hydrology 370704
  • Environmental Engineering 4011
  • Climate Change Science 3702

Research interests

Surface hydrology and sediment transport due to water movement and related off-site effects.

 Specific research interests include   changes to water balances associated with land use change, deposition of sediment, spatial targeting of revegetation, spatial patterns of overland flow, rainfall-soil interactions, surface roughness, mathematical modelling of erosion processes, simulation models of plant/soil/water environment, sorbed chemical transport from non-point sources



Peter is a researcher with over 30 years of experience. He investigates sediment and pollutant transport in landscapes. His application fields include cropping lands, grazing lands, forestry, rural roads and riparian zones. He currently is involved in projects concerning improving water quality flowing to the lagoon of the Great Barrier Reef and forested lands in New South Wales.


Prior to his role at the ANU, Peter worked at CSIRO Land and Water for twenty four years. He is an author of over 200 publication and his journal papers may be accessed at https://scholar.google.com.au/citations?user=JogXQBoAAAAJ&hl=en



Past student projects

Dr George Okwach, Soil, water and nutrient movement in the intensive cropping land of eastern Africa. Griffith University, PhD conferred 1996 (jointly supervised with Calvin Rose)


Dr Guy Geeves, Hydraulic aspects of soil crusts, Australian National University, PhD conferred 1998 (jointly supervised with the late Prof Ian Moore)


Mr Christoph Zierholz, Runoff and erosion following fires in Royal National Park, Australian National University, MSc conferred (jointly supervised with Dr Richard Greene)


Dr Natasha Herron, Hydrologic buffering by near-stream zones, University of Melbourne Ph D conferred 2000, (jointly supervised with Cathy Wilson and Brian Finlayson)


Dr Antony Motha, Spatial aspects of the sediment delivery problem: a combined modelling/tracing approach, PhD conferred 2003 University of Melbourne (jointly supervised with Peter Wallbrink and Rodger Grayson)


Dr Leo Lymburner, Spatial distribution of function roles of riparian vegetation, PhD conferred 2006 University of Melbourne (jointly supervised with Alex Held and Jeff Walker)


Dr Simon Walker, Remote sensing of erosion gullies for large catchments (jointly supervised with Albert van Dijk and Scott Wilkinson)


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