Dr Elle Grono

BPhil (Hon), MArchSci, PhD (ANU)
Postdoctoral research fellow
ANU College of Asia and the Pacific

Areas of expertise

  • Archaeological Science 210102
  • Soil Sciences 0503
  • Sedimentology 040310
  • Palaeoecology 060206
  • Geochemistry 0402
  • Hermeneutic And Critical Theory 220307
  • Phenomenology 220310

Research interests

I have interdisciplinary experience in geoarchaeology, archaeological micromorphology, the microarchaeological analysis of material culture, palaeoecology, palynology, and reconstructing the human and environmental pasts of Island and Mainland Southeast Asia, Australia, and the Pacific Islands. My interests also include the application of philosophy, hermeneutics and historiography to archaeological practice and interpretation.


I am an archaeological scientist who combines the microscopic analysis of archaeological soils and sediments with palaeoenvironmental proxies to reconstruct human-environmental interactions.

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher in palaeoecology where I use palynology to reconstruct vegetation histories of archaeological sites and environmental regions in Australasia.

In my PhD, I used geoarchaeology and micromorphology to reconstruct human activities and uses of space at several archaeological settlements transitioning to agriculture and sedentism in Vietnam approximately 4000 years ago. By studying archaeological stratigraphy at high resolution under a microscope, Neolithic social and economic practices were able to be identified and understood within each site’s micro-environmental history, including the construction of lime mortar floors and pile dwellings, the use and management of plants and animals, and regulated waste management routines.


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