Professor Jill Gready

BSc (Hons) PhD (University of Sydney) FRACI
Research Professor and Group Leader
College of Health & Medicine

Areas of expertise

  • Bioinformatics 060102
  • Characterisation Of Biological Macromolecules 030403
  • Genome Structure And Regulation 060407
  • Conceptual Modelling 080603
  • Quantum Chemistry 030701
  • Genomics 060408
  • Molecular Evolution 060409
  • Enzymes 060107
  • Medicinal And Biomolecular Chemistry 0304
  • Theoretical And Computational Chemistry 0307
  • Biochemistry And Cell Biology 0601
  • Genetics 0604
  • Plant Biology 0607
  • Phylogeny And Comparative Analysis 060309
  • Proteins And Peptides 030406
  • Biologically Active Molecules 030401
  • Biomolecular Modelling And Design 030402
  • Agricultural Biotechnology 1001
  • Biological Adaptation 060303

Research interests

Our research aims to understand how proteins carry out their functions  in molecular terms (structure, interactions, energetics/dynamics, reaction mechanisms) and how the proteins and their genes have evolved to enable their functions. 

Our findings provide the basic knowledge to understand the proteins’ normal functions as a basis for investigation or manipulation of their functions in other contexts such as the disease state or protein re-engineering. Our work is focussed on problems - both plant and animal - with a pathway to translating findings into treatments or products for social and economic good.

Our research approaches use conceptual biology to solve complex problems by integrating existing knowledge to develop novel models for test in silico, in vitro and in planta. We also use our particular strengths in computational biology, both biomolecular simulation and modelling and bioinformatics, to forge innovative couplings of computation and experiment. These approaches allow us to take advantage of existing knowledge and the power of computational simulation and bioinformatics and, by using comparative genomics, exploit publicly available genome and proteome data to track how the proteins and genes are evolving.

Researcher's projects

Mapping the functional evolution of the three prion protein (PrP) family genes (PrP; Doppel, Dpl; and Shadoo).

Definition of the catalytic mechanism of the plant enzyme Rubisco which fixes carbon dioxide in photosynthesis, its evolution in the major plant branches and its adaptation to varying climatic conditiions geographically.

Available student projects

Projects are available using an integrated suite of computational, bioinformatic and experimental methods to define factors influencing the kinetic performance of extant Rubiscos with a view to re-engineering the enzyme for transformation into crop plants, or identifying naturally better Rubiscos from crop germplasm banks with a view to breeding them into crops.


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