Dr Margaret (Marnie) Forster

BSc, MSc I, PhD Monash University
ANU College of Science

Areas of expertise

  • Geochronology 040303
  • Mineralogy And Crystallography 040306
  • Structural Geology 040312
  • Tectonics 040313

Research interests

Argon Geochronology @ argon.anu.edu.au

Determining when and how movement in the ductile zone of the Earth occur. Dating deformation and metamorphic events that occur at major zones of collision or extension during Earth's history.  Dating deformation and movement zones using Ar/Ar geochronology within the framework of structural geology and microstructure.

Thermal histories and evolution of metamorphic and igneous terranes using structural geology inconjuction with temperature/time histories of specific zones.

Temperature+time histories of alteration zones and fault zones. 

Present arenas: Australian lithosphere, SE Asia (Palawan, Sulawesi, Borneo, Java); NW Himalaya (Tso Morari, Ladakh, Rhotang); Greece (Aegean: Evia, Sifnos, Ios, Syros); European Alps, north America continent.


ANU Argon Facility @ argon.anu.edu.au

Research School of Earth Sciences,
The Australian National University

Email: Marnie.Forster@anu.edu.au
Telephone: +61 2 6125 3412


Ph.D.  Earth Sciences, Monash University, May 2003
M.Sc.  Level I (Hons. HI Equivalent) Monash University, 1996
B.Sc.  Earth Sciences, Monash University, 1994

Relevant Employment History

2013-present   Argon Laboratory Academic in charge,
                      The Australian National University

2008-2013       ARC Australian Research Fellow,
                       The Australian National University

2004-2008       ARC Australian Post-Doctoral Fellow
                       Structure & Tectonics/Argon Geochronology
                       The Australian National University

2003-2004       Research Fellow, Structure and Tectonics
                      The Australian National University

2002-2003       Research Fellow, Argon Geoochronology,
                       University of Melbourne


Current student projects

Ho Sonia Yeung, Master of Earth Science (Advanced)
Timing of Central Aegean tectonic events during Tethys Ocean closure 

Ruoran Nie, Master of Earth Science (Advanced)
The dynamics of the exhumation of Eclogite- Blueschist belt on Ios, Greece 

Kristen Marris, Master of Earth Science (Advanced)
Characterisation of the tuff marker beds, Mt Isa

Jack MustonMaster of Philosophy (co-supersvisor)
2D + time reconstruction of Sumatra

Qianhui ZhouMaster of Earth Science (Advanced) (co-supersvisor)
Dating the pressure-temperature history for the Apollonia tectonic slice on Sifnos, Greece

Past student projects

PAST 5 years:

Sareh RajabiPhD Candidate
Structural and 40Ar/39Ar geochronological study of in the NW Himalaya.
Completed 2018

Lin Shi, Master Earth Science (Advanced) Candidate
The timing and character of the structures and lateration at Mt Elliott, in the Eastern Mt Isa Inlier: 40Ar/39Ar geochronological and T-t path modeling
Completed 2017

Oleg Koudashev, PhD Candidate
Structural and 40Ar/39Ar geochronological study of  copper and gold porphyry and epithermal system of the Yandera Exploration region, P.N.G.
Completed 2016

Musri Mawelda, PhD candidate (ITB, Indonesia, Prof Suparka chair supervisor)
Structure and tectonics of the Rumbala Complex, SE Sulawesi
Completed 2016

Jia-Urnn Lee, PhD candidate
Structure and timing of the Phojal Fold in NW Himalaya
Completed Dec 2013




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