Dr Karen Ford

Research Fellow
ANU College of Science

Areas of expertise

  • Comparative Physiology 060604
  • Animal Behaviour 060801
  • Terrestrial Ecology 060208
  • Landscape Ecology 050104
  • Ecological Impacts Of Climate Change 050101
  • Conservation And Biodiversity 050202
  • Wildlife And Habitat Management 050211
  • Animal Physiological Ecology 060806

Research interests

My main interests are in plant-animal interactions. I investigate how the physiology of herbivores and the chemistry of plants affect factors such as herbivore feeding behaviour, habitat quality, and their potential responses to climate change.

Researcher's projects

Current projects:

Restoring the nutritional landscape for eucalypt folivores

Effect of regeneration forestry on koala habitat on the NSW North Coast

Monitoring rescued and wild koalas in post-fire habitat on the NSW southern tablelands

Available student projects

Effect of plant secondary metabolites on feeding by greater gliders

Impact of fire on habitat quality for eucalypt folivores

Effect of ambient temperature on physiology and feeding behaviour of herbivores

Effect of elevation on sodium content of eucalypt leaves

Current student projects

Madison Fink, PhD student: The role of psyllids in eucalypt dieback

Jenna Ridley, PhD student: Refuge requirements and recommendations for post-fire management of greater gliders (Petauroides volans) in Victoria

Murraya Lane, PhD student: The effects of fire on eucalypt browse quality and landscape use by the koala (Phascolarctos cinereus)

Past student projects

Phillipa Beale, PhD: Effects of ambient temperature on feeding by herbivorous marsupials

Lauren Morgan, Honours: The application of NIRS to investigate koala physiological characteristics from scat

Sarah Martin, Honours: Please pass the salt: Investigating the availability and importance of sodium in the diet of marsupial folivores

Sarah Buchan, Honours: Temperature dependent feeding by brushtail possums in response to plant secondary metabolites

Wufeng Zhou, Honours: The effect of pro-oxidant tannins on an insect folivore Paropsis atomaria

Hannah Wigley, Honours: The nutritional composition of Monocalyptus and its role in feeding by folivorous marsupials

Jessie Au, Honours: The protein cost of plant secondary metabolite detoxification in the common brushtail possum (Trichosurus vulpecula)


Projects and Grants

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