Anneka Ferguson

BALLB (Hons), GDLP, Grad.Dip (Psych), SFHEA
Senior Lecturer
ANU College of Law
T: 0420 633749

Research interests

  • Regulation of the Legal Profession
  • Ethics in Legal Practice
  • Legal Education - how to achieve the best learning outcomes and the creation of professional and well practitioners
  • The intersections between Psychology and International and Domestic Law
  • Blockchain technology and the legal profession - the impact and the potential of this technology on practice, regulation and international law


Anneka Ferguson (SFHEA, BALLB(Hons), GDLP, GradDipPsych)was admitted to the Roll of Legal Practitioners in the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory in 2006 and is a Senior Lecturer at the Australian National University School of Legal Practice and a Tuckwell Fellow.   Initially working in both private and government legal practice as a personal injury litigator, Anneka joined Legal Workshop in 2008 and has been: both the Sub-Dean and Director of the Graduate Diploma/Masters of Legal Practice;  convened courses on Legal Practice Trust Accounting, Practice Management and the Professional Practice Core Course for the Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice; and Lawyers Justice and Ethics as part of the LLB/JD.

Anneka is passionate about improving law student wellbeing and sustainable learning and assessment outcomes. In 2012, she began a research project in collaboration with Stephan Tang to develop and implement an evaluative survey/dialogue cycle for the Professional Practice Core Program (PPC) that provides the base data set for a number of discrete and integrated projects regarding GDLP student wellbeing, the effectiveness of the innovative PPC online simulated transactional and group based learning for developing professional identity and sustainable assessment practices. The findings from this project have been published in the publications and conferences below.

Anneka's interest in how legal ethics is implemented in practice has also contributed to her work in implementing the Giving Voice to Values curriculum (Mary Gentile, Darden University) and, as such, she is also working on a book of positive case studies involving junior lawyers who have addressed complex legal ethics issues.

Anneka has also recognised the importance of technologies such as Blockchain to both disrupt and enhance legal education and practice both nationally and internationally. As such, Anneka's research interests are moving into this area enhanced by both independent research, completion of a certificate in Blockchain strategy at RMIT and through the ongoing study of a Masters of International Law at Griffith University.


Researcher's projects

Conference Papers


National Institute for Teaching Ethics and Professionalism, Melbourne 'Valuing Values' - A teaching and research demonstration

International Legal Ethics Conference, Melbourne Regulating for Ethical Wellbeing?

Directions in Legal Education 2018, China University Hong Kong, Valuing Dissonance (Accompanying blog post

2018 Wellness in Law Forum, Bond University, Deconstructing and reconstructing core motivating beliefs about law without causing detruction


Legal Education Sector, Society of Legal Scholars Conference Dublin, Valuing Legal Education

Visiting Scholar, Staff Seminar, Portsmouth University UK, Valuing Legal Education: Who's values, How and Why?


International Legal Ethics Conference, New York, Legal Ethics in Action: Dispatches from the front lines

National Symposium On Student Mental Health Wellbeing, Melbourne Law School, Determined to be different


QUT Capstone Experience Forum, Mind the Gap Please: Integrating sustainable assessment practices to simulate and develop professional identity and behaviour for practice

2015 Law and Society Conference, Seattle, The value of self determination:How to put the theory into practice for successful well being and professionalism outcomes


American Association of Law Schools Annual Meeting, New York, Balance in Law Section (with Stephen Tang and Gary Tamsitt) 'Integration: Essential for improving professionalism and wellbeing outcomes'

Global Legal Skills Conference, Verona, Italy "Online learning that is integrated, simulated, professional, personal and well?" (with Elizabeth Lee)

Monash University Law Chambers, Melbourne, Developing Capacity to Cope with Ethical Dilemmas in Legal Practice Through Teaching ‘Giving Voice to Values’ Techniques’ (with Vivien Holmes)


National Wellness in Law Forum (with Stephen Tang) 'Surprisingly Well?A peek into the wellbeing/distress data from a survey of Australian PLT students'

National Wellness in Law Forum (with Stephen Tang, Mollie Townes O'Brien and Vivien Holmes), 'Leave Nothing Behind: Bring your Whole Self to Law School!'

Association of Legal Teachers (ALT) Conference, Notthingham, UK (with Stephen Tang) 'Preparing students for the reality of practice through Practice Management: Empowering values and relishing uncertainty'

ALT Conference, Nottingham, UK 'Facebook status update: A case study involving social media in the lecture theatre'

Association of Law Teachers Australia Conference (with Moira Murray) 'Preparing Students for Legal Practice: How Law Teachers can assist students to develop team work and collaboration skills


Association of Legal Teachers Conference, Oxford UK (with Elizabeth Lee) 'On which shore does assessment wash up after a perfect storm? - A case study of the potential in using online simulated group based learning to create sustainable assessment practices'

International Legal Ethics Conference, Banff Canada (with Gary Tamsitt and Vivien Holmes 'Learning Ethics: Achieving Behavioural change through Simulation'

APLEC conference in Hobart (with Stephen Tang) ' “Servicing our Clients”: A snapshot of our student group at the beginning of their Practical Legal Training'


APLEC (with Elizabeth Lee) “Learning the Skills – One Step at a Time: The benefits and challenges of simulated transactional teaching/learning.”


APLEC “How Uniform is Uniform? An examination of the implementation of the uniform trust accounting legislation across five Australian jurisdictions.”

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