Dr Georgy Falster

Postdoctoral Fellow
ANU College of Science

Areas of expertise

  • Isotope Geochemistry 370303
  • Climatology 370202
  • Climate Change Processes 370201
  • Palaeoclimatology 370904
  • Quaternary Environments 370905

Research interests

I use climatic information from the Common Era (the past ~2000 years) to contextualise modern climate change. Specifically, I seek to develop ‘pre-industrial climatic baselines’ against which we can assess the influence of human activities on Earth’s climate. For this, I integrate information from palaeoclimate proxies, modern observations, and climate model simulations.

I have a particular focus on hydroclimatic variability; that is, understanding the nature and drivers of variability in the water cycle. The main research tool I use is the stable isotopic composition of water, which is an integrative tracer of many water cycle processes. As well as observational and climate model data, I use water isotope proxy data from multiple archives including: 

  • lake & marine sediments
  • glacier ice
  • corals & other marine carbonates
  • terrestrial & marine molluscs
  • tree rings
  • speleothems (cave carbonate)

I also have a particular interest in the influence of the tropical Pacific on global hydroclimate. 



My PhD research focussed on reconstructing Australian Quaternary palaeo-environments, using palaeolimnology, and the stable & clumped isotopic composition of various carbonate phases. 

After finishing my doctorate, I held a Postdoctoral Research Associate position at Washington University in St. Louis, where I used proxy records for the stable isotopic composition of environmental waters through the Common Era to investigate changes in global hydroclimate. I also used water isotope observations alongside palaeoclimate proxy data to investigate variability in tropical Pacific atmospheric circulation through the last millennium. 

I have also worked as a Marine Scientist for Geoscience Australia, where I mapped and analysed seabed morphology. 

Outside academia, my interests are many & varied: some edited highlights include cross country & alpine skiing, open water swimming, hiking, reading fantasy novels, and playing assorted musical instruments. 

Available student projects

Please contact me if you are interested in discussing student projects.

You can come to me with your own ideas, or I have projects available in the following areas:

  • Tropical Pacific climatology and palaeoclimatology
  • Isotope-climate relationships across Australia
  • Using palaeoclimate proxy data to understand decadal- to centennial-scale hydroclimatic variability in Australia


Projects and Grants

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