Dr Thomas Duvernay

Doctor of Philosophy, Earth Sciences (ANU, 2023)
Postdoctoral Fellow
ANU College of Science

Areas of expertise

  • Geophysics 3706
  • Geodynamics 370604
  • Programming Languages 461204

Research interests

I am an enthusiastic geodynamicist passionate about mantle convection and its link to several processes at Earth's surface, such as volcanism. I develop numerical models to understand how these convective dynamics drive magmatism in the uppermost asthenosphere. My interest lies principally in mechanisms at the root of intra-plate volcanism and mid-ocean ridges. I compare the timing, location, volume, and incompatible element composition of modelled volcanic outputs with available observations at Earth's surface. My overarching goal is to provide tighter constraints on the physical and chemical processes controlling the magmatic activity.



  • Postdoctoral Fellow (ANU)

University degrees

  • Ph.D. Earth Sciences (ANU, Canberra, Australia)
  • M.Sc. Earth Sciences (IPGP, Paris, France)
  • B.Sc. Earth Sciences (Universite Paris 7, Paris, France)

Research project supervisors

  • Rhodri Davies (ANU)
  • Maxim Ballmer (ETH)
  • Angela Limare (IPGP)
  • Cinzia Farnetani (IPGP)

Researcher's projects

  • Decipher the Cenozoic volcanic activity of Eastern Australia
  • Develop accurate models of magma chamber processes
  • Explore multi-material numerical simulations of Earth's convective dynamics using G-ADOPT

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